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Moore Than A Healing
We offer Aura Photographs with our Aura Imaging system, which measures biofeedback to produce a colour image of your auric field.

Moore Than A Healing - Aura Photography


The aura is an energy field radiating through and around all living things (humans, animals & plants all have auras). The colours that show up in an aura photograph are the vibrations of swirls of light beams moving through your aura.

Auras come in every colour of the rainbow. The colours and energies in your aura can change as you go through life, although some people may have a constant colour or range of colours.

Auras are not static - changes in SIZE, COLOUR, TEXTURE & DENSITY can occur dependent on how you're feeling and the life experiences you are having at the time.

People who are close or spend a lot of time together will often 'match energy’ and their auras will look almost identical – their energy fields are vibrating to the same frequency.


Our aura imaging system uses traditional biofeedback measuring techniques. The camera displays the aura as coloured fields of light. The resulting photograph shows the upper half of the person surrounded by clouds of colour. We focus on this zone because this is the area of the body where more aura activity happens.

The colours in your aura match the seven major chakras along the front of your body.

    • Base – Red
    • Sacral – Orange
    • Solar Plexus – Yellow
    • Heart – Green
    • Throat – Blue
    • Third Eye – Indigo
    • Crown – Violet

there is also the colour white – which is represented by all the colours, a very spiritual & angelic energy. And Pink which signifies unconditional spiritual love and energy.


$50.00 including reading & information on chakras & aura colours

To view examples of aura photos visit our facebook page:

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