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Mudita Institute Health Clinic

55 Stuart St
Mullumbimby NSW 2482

Servicing area: From Brisbane to Yamba

Mudita Institute Health Clinic

The Sanskrit term Ayurveda translates literally as ‘the science of life’. More than 5000 years old, it is the oldest, most comprehensive medical system in the world and has eight main branches that range from internal medicine and psychology through to paediatrics and surgery.

Mudita Institute Health Clinic - Ayurveda




Ayurveda is primarily concerned with the cultivation of awareness and practices that enhance digestion and metabolism (Agni), reduce the build-up of undigested or poorly digested food toxins in the body (Ama), strengthen the immune system (Ojas) and keep the body and mind peaceful (Sattva) – to stop the onset of disease and maintain optimal health. It teaches us how to view our bodies as a reflection of nature and how to live with better balance and harmony. This ancient wisdom and knowledge is more relevant today than ever before and is the source of a number of modern treatments and healthcare approaches.

Ayurveda Treatments


    • Ayurvedic Massage: Offering relief from stress, tension, headaches, low energy or insomnia


    • Ayurvedic Steam Treatment: Offering relief from toxic accumulations, poor circulation and low energy


    • Pindaswed Massage: Offering relief from cellulite, arthritis, joint pain and muscle pain


    • Shirodhara: Offering relief from anxiety, headaches, hormone imbalances or insomnia


    • Kati Basti: Offering relief from serious problems of the joints, shoulder and spine


    • Heart Dhara: Offering relief from heart conditions, anxiety, panic attacks, poor circulation, palpitations and chest pain


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