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Muscle Medicine | Body Work

Assessing your injury, movement and lifestyle to ensure that treatment will be a long term solution and not simply a bandage to cover your symptoms.

Muscle Medicine - Remedial Massage & Movement Therapy


Myofascial Release

Myofascia release is a form of bodywork technique that allows us to make functional and structural changes to fascia – the elastin and collagen web that makes up the soft tissue in the human body. The technique utilises slow, deep and consistent pressure to assist in the removal of adhesions and restriction in the fascial system. An optimally functional fascial system assists with muscular function improvement and more effective posture in turn will lead to free and unrestricted movement.


Myofascia Cupping

Utilised in conjunction with Myofascial Release and other massage methods, cupping is effective in relieving muscle pain and improving your rate of recovery.

Massage is able to break down scar tissue and adhesions in muscle fibres with the specific goal of rejuvenating the muscle. The suction of the cups draws blood flow to the area and manipulates the various layers of tissue in and under the skin in order to help with the rate of recovery.

Cupping is also able to be utilised to alleviate muscle tension and knots whilst lessening the pain of pressure point massage for deep muscular conditions.


Performance Massage

A regular massage to help with your muscles and other tissues to recover and rejuvenate. This will help you to get back to training and playing quickly. By booking your regular massages in advance means you have the ability to plan your training and rejuvenation program to drive the best results.  


Lymphatic Massage

The Lymphatic system is integral to all of the processes of our body. It is specifically designed to transport lymphatic fluid throughout the entire body, by getting rid of excess fluid and infections from any surrounding tissues. A healthy lymphatic system assists in the maintenance of a healthy body. When our lymphatic system reaches a state of imbalance, infection or injury. Lymph massage techniques are effective as they specifically focus on the lymphatic system to enhance to flow of lymph, alleviate any excess fluid and infection that will bring about reduced swelling in diseased or injured tissues.

Our practitioners will utilise lymph techniques where needed throughout the treatment, or you have the ability to book in for a specific lymphatic massage to help boost your immunity and overall wellbeing.


Recovery Massage

Throughout times of sustained high level physical activity our tissues can become fatigued and prone to injury. A recovery massage is able to assist with the removal of metabolic wastes and promote fluid exchange within our tissues. This will assist with muscular recovery and improving the rate of healing for inflamed soft tissue, which will this allow you to perform at your peak when competing.

Consistent massages throughout your training program will assist you to remain on track achieving your specific training goals and help with the prevention of injury.


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