Muscular Skeletal Relief

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Muscular Skeletal Relief has been operating in Western Australia for 9 years.

Muscular Skeletal Relief


Maureen Harris
Mob: 0416 899 588
5 Southampton Dr. Piara Waters, WA 6112

As a Muscular Skeletal Therapist I have several qualifications which I incorporate into a treatment as the client requires.


    • Swedish massage is a gentle treatment and usually incorporates back, legs, arms, head and neck.


    • Remedial massage is aimed at relieving pain and discomfort in a particular part of the body. e. back, shoulders, neck, legs arms. This treatment is deeper and can be uncomfortable at times but the result is good.


    • Lymphatic drainage is a very light form of treatment, and is used to reduce swelling and edema in legs, arms and face. (This is not a weight loss treatment.)


    • Trigger point therapy is incorporated in a remedial treatment and is the application of pressure to a tight band of muscle to release toxins and reduce pain referral.


    • Myofascial release. This technique is a deep slow movement aimed at the connective tissue like tendons and ligaments where the muscles attach to each other and to the bones.


    • Dry needling is the technique, where the insertion of fine needles into tight bands of muscles and trigger points is aimed at initiating the release of the muscle fibers. I usually use this technique if the trigger points are too deep to release with thumb pressure.


    • Muscle energy technique, is a form of stretching following the contraction of a muscle. This can be used at any stage of the treatment and is very effective around the shoulders and neck region.

I graduated from ACNM with a thorough knowledge of remedial, swedish, pregnancy, lymphatic drainage and sports injury massage. My training also included TrP therapy, deep tissue massage and myofacial release.

I completed a Bachelor of Health Science - Muscular Skeletal Therapy in 2014.

I love helping people to work towards achieving a stress and pain free life style through massage.

Due to the stressful environment that we live and work in our bodies have a lot to deal with. Our muscles over time become tired and over or under used depending on where they are in the body. The muscles that are over used need to be relaxed with massage and the muscles that are under used need to be strengthened with gentle exercise.

Because it takes time for muscles to become tired and worn out, it also takes time to reduce the pain and stress.

The environment is only one of the factors that can cause pain and stress to our bodies.

That is why I work with my clients to set and achieve realistic goals with massage, stretching and gentle strengthening exercises.

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Qualification details

  • Bachelor of Health Science - Muscular Skeletal Therapy
  • Diploma Remedial Massage
  • Certificate IV Swedish massage
  • ABN: 15228214778
  • ATMS: 20739
  • Health fund rebates may apply

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Muscular Skeletal Relief