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Musculoskeletal Masseur

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Specialising in Chronic and Acute Pain Disorders By Structural Realignment of Joint and Soft Tissue Using gentle specific techniques to restore body balance. The accumulation of everyday physical and mental stresses that we all incur is what has led me to a career of 20+years in Advanced Remedial Massage. Coming from a sporting background in my younger days especially water sports and working as a carpenter/joiner I sustained my fair share of injuries and quickly learned that there are many therapies and self management approaches that need to be sort to improve and maintain our individual physical needs.

Musculoskeletal Masseur & Advanced Remedial Masseur

Treating Clients of all ages with pain or injury of any kind or being able to help those that think there ailments may no longer be improved is what gives me the most satisfaction. Treating sports people wishing to better performance or the worker or mother who just wants to get back on with daily activities. Beginning with a Medical History and Physical Assessment to target the cause of the presenting ailment/s and choose the appropriate treatment is essential to resolve a clients issues to a speedy recovery. Clients can expect instant results needing 1-6 consultations with improvement each time. MY EXPECTATIONS ARE ALWAYS ALWAYS GREATER THAN MY CLIENTS

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Diploma Remedial Massage (M.I.M.T) Myotherapist (Advanced Remedial Massage) Member - Massage/Myotherapy 21093 Management and Treatment of Sports Injuries M.E.T - Mobilize Spinal & Joint Dysfunction Dry Needling (Acupuncture Needles)

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