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My Circles Of Care

Prakash Shandil

Central Coast NSW 2250

Servicing area: Central Coast

My Circles Of Care

My Circles Of Care is a Registered NDIS provider delivering a wide range of disability services on the Central Coast.

My Circles Of Care



At My Circles Of Care Disability Services, we will match your needs with our skilled support team to provide highest quality personalised care tailored with strong focus on your needs to fit in with you. Our commitment to life without limits motivates us to empower you to maximise your choice, control, independence, develop resilience and achieve your wishes, and aspirations that are flexible and meaningful to you.

We support your engagement with the community as you try new things, meet new people, and help you to develop the life skills needed to pursue your interests and enjoy life, just the way you like it. You will be supported by our experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated members of our team who are skilled and trained to assist you with your personal support needs as well as your individual goals to create positive experiences to your unique requirements and expectations.

Our Support


Our skilled support team can assist you with your service needs in the following NDIS support categories:

    • Coordination of Supports


    • Personal Activities (and High)


    • Life Stage Transition


    • Travel an Transport


    • Development of Life Skills


    • Household Tasks


    • Community and Social Participation


    • Innovative Community Participation


    • Therapeutic Supports (Counselling & Other)


    • Behaviour Support


    • Specialised Disability Accommodation (Supported Independent Living)


    • Accommodation/Tenancy


    • Daily Tasks and Shared Living


    • Assist/Access and Maintenance of Employment


    • Early Child Supports


    • Group/Centre Activities


    • Community Nursing


    • Plan Management


Support Coordination


At My Circles Of Care, we take pride in enhancing and empowering you to manage and direct your own services and provide flexibility to create opportunity to explore and connect with community, education, transport, health services, employment, early intervention supports and accommodation options that are right for you.

We support you to drive your services design and direction.... As much or as little assistance as you need.

We work innovatively and efficiently with participants to provide Support Coordination to meet their goals and aspirations.

    • Getting ready for plan review by assessing whether the goals have been achieved


    • Strategising resolutions to problems experienced in implementing your plan


    • Identifying new goals and how to proceed with identified goals, activities of daily living, life transition planning or any identified need such as travel training etc.


    • Navigate and create pathways for networks and supports locally, exercise and recreation, school/employment based supports, social groups and health services


    • Better coordinate multiple supports and services; sourcing the right provider, with the right services for you


    • Navigate the court systems/talking to the police


    • Mental ill health issues


    • Challenging family life; building on informal supports such as your family


    • Resolving points of crisis


    • Linking you in with specific supports that are funded (Skills Development such as: travel training, personal care, living and life skills, activities of daily living and household tasks; clinical, medical, vocational, Housing


We can support one on one or group settings

Supported Independent Living


Is one of your goals to live an Independent Life?

When you have made your decision and ready to live independently - move into your home and got it alone in the big world, regardless of when or why it happens, you will probably feel the same excitement of the new adventure and nerves in equal measure.

We can facilitate and support smooth transition into your new home:

Assisting to find a place that suits you and your needs

Support to build your confidence so you can keep your independence

Support you access your community, recreational, social needs, build new skills and maximising independence while getting the supports you may need to realise your potential.

Building, sustaining or re-establishing good relationships with family and friends that matter to you or we can work on building one.

Assist with activities of daily living (personal care, household tasks, shopping, appointments, transport, educational and support to maintain your employment, day programs or specific need you may have).

​Empower you participate and engage, to communicate, to exercise choice, control, decision making and well being.

At My Circles Of Care, we will match your needs with our skilled support team to provide highest quality personalised care tailored with strong focus on your needs to fit in with you, your guardian or family.

Our professional and understanding team for supported living arrangements cater to the individual support needs of people with a range of disabilities ensure safety and wellbeing of participants. My Circles Of Care can provide range of flexible individual supports that help fulfil your aspirations and meet your NDIS goals. The service can range from 3 to 24 hours.


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