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Planning on beginning a family in 2019? Preconception Health Care increases your chances by 79%  

My Health Sanctuary - Natural Fertility & Pregnancy

What is Preconception Health Care - PCHC?

Want to conceive naturally?

Stay well throughout your pregnancy?

Birth a healthy happy full term baby?

PCHC is your way through all the infertility road blocks!

In the last 2 generations, fertility rates in the western world have taken a serious decline. In Australia in 2019, men’s sperm count is 66% of that in the 1950’s. Women also suffer more from chronic diseases traditionally known mostly in men. This has caused a sharp drop in female fertility and general health.

During the 1990’s, ‘The Foresight Study’, the Association for promotion of Preconception Health Care (PCHC) in UK, showed that preparing yourself for conception is vitally important to your success.

1,061 ‘infertile’ couples followed a specially designed program of natural health care, plant medicines and specific nutrients for the 16 weeks before conception. This led to a 79% conception rate and birth of a healthy baby within 2 years.

PCHC is TWICE as effective as IVF! 

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  • You can increase your chances of conception by 79% following our Preconception Health Care program.

  • Just one night out on the town can lower your sperm count dramatically?

  • Our PCHC program will positively influence both your children’s health and your grandkids health!

  • PCHC creates optimum general and reproductive health for both parents.

And that PCHC...

  • Produces a ‘super’ sperm and egg.

  • A strong conception.

  • A healthy pregnancy.

  • A great chance of a natural birth

  • And creates a healthy happy baby!

Did you know that Epigenetics is...?

  • The science behind all this?

  • It shows us how our conception genes are expressed in our body.

  • Its research has proven that PCHC creates a lifetime of vitality for the health of 2 generations of your children.

  • In a world that is increasingly toxic Epigenetics clearly demonstrates how important PCHC is to your conception.

Congratulations on making the PCHC choice for you and your baby’s health. We look forward to hearing from you!


0402 404 657


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Qualification Details

Naturopath. Homeopath. Nutritionist. Colon Hydrotherapist. Counsellor. Yoga Instructor.

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