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MyoMAX is dedicated to providing a personalised and professional musculoskeletal management service to anyone suffering from pain or discomfort. We are highly qualified and experienced therapists, registered with the principal industry association, professionally insured and provide services that are leading the way in the allied health field.

MyoMAX – Musculoskeletal Therapy, Hastings

Servicing area

Hastings, Victoria

Focus areas

Self-help Relaxation Headaches Sprains Biomechanics Shoulder pain

Our Team can assist you with:
    Chronic Overuse Syndrome
    Chronic Back & Shoulder Pain.
    Tennis/Golfers Elbow
    Chronic Joint Pain.
    Numbness and Tingling
    Shin Splints.
    Stiff Neck.
    TMJ (Jaw) Pain
    Post surgery rehabilitation
    Pregnancy Massage
    Sprained Ankle.
    Corporate Massage

Our philosophy

"MyoMAX aim to get your body working to its optimum by introducing advanced manual techniques accompanied by a process of education and guided self-help. We strive to find the cause of pain, not just treating the symptoms".

Sam Curtis
General Manager

What is Myotherapy/Remedial Massage?

Myotherapy (muscular therapy) is the assessment of muscular injury and dysfunction, the application of various physical techniques to treat pain, and the rehabilitation of the soft tissue and underlying causes. The aim of Myotherapy treatment is to improve muscular function, flexibility, and to decrease pain.

Myotherapy can be used for a number of injuries or conditions that result from strains, sprains, occupational, postural and recreational stresses, emotional stress, incorrect ergonomics, faulty biomechanics, muscular imbalances, traumatic or overuse injury, as well as chronic neuromuscular or musculoskeletal illness or disease. These underlying causes may have symptoms such as general aches and pains, headaches, neck or back pain, joint stiffness, numbness and tingling, or reduced flexibility.

We use specific soft tissue techniques such as deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, stretching, dry needling, and heat therapies. Rehabilitation of the injury or condition can be done through exercise and/or stretching prescription and corrective advice. An initial Myotherapy consultation will involve a brief medical history, presenting injury history, skeletal structure and postural assessment, range of movement testing, joint mobility, muscle strength and neurological testing, orthopaedic tests and a palpatory assessment.


You Can Find us at:
116 High St
Hastings VIC 3915

or also at
3C/420 Princes Hwy
Narre Warren VIC 3805

Do you suffer from chronic pain or discomfort?
Has your recent activity triggered acute pain or restricted movement?
If so you can benefit from Myotherapy/Remedial Massage.

Whether you are a tradesman, are computer-bound in an office, a parent, sportsperson, young or old, you likely suffer from long term pain that is triggered by muscular dysfunction. When was the last time you sought treatment for your pain or discomfort? The longer you postpone treatment, the longer recovery will take, while regular treatments will help keep regular pain under control.

Our Services

Are you suffering from chronic pain or discomfort?

We Specialize in:
    Remedial Massage
    Trigger Point Therapy
    Myo-facial Release
    Dry Needling
    Pregnancy Massage
    Relaxation Massage
    Sports Massage
    Corporate and Office Massage
    All types of Chronic Conditions


Sam Curtis:
    Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) – Deakin University 2002
    Diploma Remedial Massage – Australian College of Natural Medicine 2006
    Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer) – Australian Institute of Fitness 2005

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