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Do you have thick, cracked, crumbly or discoloured nails and suffered for years with no treatment fixing the problem?

My Podiatrist - Fungal Nail Therapy

Pact Fungal Nail Therapy

We have the solution for you – PACT Fungal Nail Therapy is now available at all My Podiatrist’s clinics.

What is Pact Therapy?

Pact stands for Photodynamic Therapy and utilises a combination of light and gel, gently and safely to kill off the fungus under the toe nails and fingernails. Treatment lasts for around ten to twenty minutes.

What Does a Pact Fungal Nail Treatment Involve?

Fungal infections start from the very tip of the nail and then work their way down the nail over time. PACT Treatment is a depending and simply on the severity of the infection, may only involve a few visits.

  • The nail is gently scraped or burred, which allows the gel and light to penetrate the nail.
  • Specially developed nail fungus gel is applied to the nail for several minutes to the infected toe nails or finger. Several nails can be treated at the one time.
  • PACT treatment is carried out. This is a light treatment using a high power LED lamp. The fungus is attacked and destroyed.
  • During treatment the patient will feel a slight warming sensation.
  • Repeat treatment ensures fungus is destroyed, penetrating deeply within the nail.
  • We recommend three, 10 - 20 minute treatments within a 7 day period.
  • Then one, 10 minute treatment after one month if necessary. Treatment may continue if it is a severe infection.
  • The nail grows out clear of infection.

Lunula Laser Healthy

Clear Nails Made Simple & Easy

The Lunula Laser is the easy and convenient treatment that helps to turn your disfigured or discoloured nails into healthier, clearer looking nails.

  • A completely painless and touchless solution for onychomycosis.
  • No need for any embarrassment about unsightly looking feet.
  • No downtime, no pain, and absolutely no risk involved.

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