MYSAN Yoga Sanctuary

Mysan Yoga, The Sanctuary

Unit 4
11-13 Chochrone St
Kincumber NSW 2251

MYSAN Yoga Sanctuary

Welcome to MYSAN Yoga The Sanctuary

Our yoga classes are taught in a group class setting yet our emphasis is to provide a safe and functional practice to each individual student. A functional and individual approach to Your yoga practice.

MYSAN Yoga Sanctuary

About Us

MYSAN Yoga The Sanctuary is an amazing yoga studio that is situated in Kincumber on the Central Coast near Gosford, developed to offer and develop health, knowledge, wisdom, and happiness from the ancient practices of Yoga.

It is our aim to provide authentic yoga practice to benefit each and every person who comes to us. Our teachings are true to the ancient texts yet translated for us ‘urban mystics’ to take up what we need for an overall health for our mind, for our physical body and for our heart.

In our modern busy world a large number of us need a sanctuary, free from the hustle and bustle of work, traffic, cities, society and home. A place that is free from having to answer that text or email immediately. A place to arrive in, to balance within. A place that provides you with a break. A pause. A space. A place that nurtures your heart, mind, body and refreshes your overall outlook on life.

At MYSAN Yoga The Sanctuary we offer a range of Yoga styles and yoga classes to compliment your everyday life activities. Our teachers are strongly encouraged to teach from their heart and follow their inner wisdom as well as the education that they have gained through their yoga teacher trainings and life’s adventures.

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