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Find out more about the MYSAN Yoga Sanctuary and learn their functional yoga practice for a thrilling interactive experience to discover your true potential.

Yoga Teachers & Yoga Studio

Our Founders 

Tim MacDonald 

Tim has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and is consistent in his practice with experience as a black belt in Karate. Hatha, Yin and Yang yoga and meditation were also studied including the philosophy of yoga and its origins. Yogananda Parmahansa, Sri Yukteswar, and Patanjali are the ones that influenced Tim. The values of Yoga society are a practice from which Tim operates.

Tim sees the beauty in everybody and hopes to encourage people to completely carry out the shallow struggles, conflicts, and hotbeds.

Mysan Sidbo 

For 20 years, Mysan has practised yoga and for over 15 years she has taught the following: Hatha yoga, Yin and Yang yoga, Meditation, and Pranayama (breath awareness). She has a strong interest in and understanding anatomy and visits wet experiments, anatomy tests and methods regularly to further appreciate our human body and relate this to a practical approach to yoga and body motion.

About MYSAN Yoga Sanctuary 

The Sanctuary Yoga Studio has been designed to bring the world together and help people create a safer, happier life through yoga. 

We at The Sanctuary teach Functional Yoga, such that our instructors strive to encourage and of our students to learn yoga the best way they can. We embrace the unique nature of each student and although practicing yoga by groups, we promote and support the learning of organic and independent yoga. 

A physical, intellectual, positive and genuine approach to yoga.

We are proud of our team who deliver a real and safe yoga practice to fit all. All of our instructors are educated for at least 300 hours and continually improve their preparation so as to provide our society with more teaching. Through our years of yoga practice, Mysan and Tim have discovered how yoga gives us a healthy environment for our whole being - from our outward physical exterior to our deepest feelings, our spirit and our energy aligned with peace. 

Our Sanctuary Philosophy 

If we consider the beauty of creation, we think that we are also bright, we believe that life and everything is magnificent. Our practice in yoga and meditation is to transform minds and bodies to live in compassion and carry out our ' wild and free ' – to communicate with nature to understand who we are.

Our Sanctuary Space 

It is a room in which we provide our body with versatility and safety, center our thoughts, breath intensity, and health. Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodah is a yoga which is one of the most significant words of ancient texts and is still a whirling of consciousness. That's how our yoga works. It is equally important for us today as contemporary yogis and 'urban mystics’ as it was for the ancient yogis’ thousands of years ago.

Respected Actions

The Sanctuary is an atmosphere in which safety, joy, and harmony are of great importance. Attention to society, consideration for others and for the world as a whole.

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Qualification details

Mysan Sibdo
Anatomy courses, wet lab with Gil Hedley
Applied movement neurology, AMN Academy, UK
Hatha Yoga Teacher Diploma - 1 year diploma, Qi Health and Yoga, Australia)
Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Paul Grilley - completed all 5 levels and am continuing to study with Paul Grilley
Epigenetic, conscious and subconscious mind seminars Bruce Lipton
Anatomy for Yoga with Paul Grilley
Assistant teacher to Paul Grilley at his Teacher Training
Anatomy for Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff
Anatomy Trains Studies with Tom Myers
Anatomy Wet lab studies, Wollongong University
Remedial Massage Therapy Diploma - 1 year diploma, Massage Akademy, Sweden
Anatomy Studies for rehabilitation and range of motion - 1 year diploma, Massage Akademy, Sweden
Chakra Balance and Meditation Teacher Training with Paul Grilley
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras studies with Paul Grilley - 100 hours and ongoing
Bhagavad Gita studies with Paul Grilley - 100 hours and ongoing
Reiki Certificate 1 and 2 - Qi Health and Yoga, Australia
Meridian and Chi Flow science - Ongoing Apprenticeship with Acupuncturist
Certificate 3 Fitness Instructor, Fitness Institute of Australia
Bachelor of Business, Macquarie University, Australia
Master of Commerce, Sydney University, Australia
Sport Science modules, Macquarie University, Australia
Nutrition and Chef Degree, Ljungstedska Skola, Sweden
Senior First Aid
Level 3, Senior Teacher Yoga Australia

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