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Mystic Motivation

Mystic Motivation

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Mystic Motivation
Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Reiki and Crystal Therapy. Courses include Learn to Meditate, Interlinked Healing Technique, Goal Setting and more.

Mystic Motivation

About Us
Are you busy, stressed or tired most of the time?

Do you sometimes feel there's not enough hours in the day to fit in everything you need to do, without even thinking about the things you actually want to do?

Or maybe you feel like there's meant to be more to your life but you just haven't got the energy to wonder what you might actually like to do for yourself or what goals you’d like to achieve.

Using a combination of techniques I can help you to release the stress
you’re currently carrying and rediscover your inner-self, what you truly want in life and also how to go about achieving it.

If you've ever wanted more from yourself and your life, if you're ready to shine and if you're ready to accept the responsibility for making those amazing changes, then it's time for us to work together.

We offer some wonderfully healing and spiritual services including Crystal Healing, Pranic Healing, Reiki & Spiritual Healing. All of these are designed to release blockages in your body, aura and chakras and allow your energy system to function more effectively.

Donna is trained in Pranic Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing and is a certified Angel Intuitive (course run by renowned best-selling author Doreen Virtue) and has undertaken a variety of crystal, psychic development and meditation courses. She is currently studying for her Diploma in Counselling in order to further assist her clients in discovering their greatness.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a developed and tested method of energy healing thatuses Prana to balance and harmonise the body's energy processes. Pranic Healing is a simple but effective system of non-touch healing and is based on the theory that the body possesses the innate ability to heal itself. Pranic healing increases the life force of your chakras and aura and therefore helps to accelerate the healing process. Pranic healing can be used to help alleviate stress and anxiety, low energy or fatigue and many other physical ailments.

Sessions are $70 for a 1 hour treatment, and you can expect to feel relaxed, centred and calm after your session.

Inspired Personal Development Coaching

Do you want to achieve more, do more, have more?
Do you want to make changes in your life but don't know where to start?

In an Inspired personal development session we will work 1 on 1 to help you identify where you want to make changes in your life, what your ideal life would look like and then we work together to discover and implement changes and new behaviours to allow you to begin Living the Life you Love.

6 Sessions are advised to receive maximum benefit and are $540 for 6 sessions. Individual sessions are $109 each.

Distant Healing

Distant healings are equally as powerful as a regular healing, however can be a convenient option to choose.
* Your location may make it difficult for you to get to the centre
* Work/time constraints mean you can't get to our centre during treatment times
* Availability of child carers etc doesn't allow you to get into our centre during treatment times
* Or many other personal reasons

Should you wish to have a distant healing, we will identify the areas you'd like worked on during your healing. You'll also be notified of when the treatment will take place. Its personal choice as to whether you go about your daily duties or rest and relax during the scheduled treatment time. Either way the healing will be equally as powerful. If you decide to lay and relax during the healing you may actually feel the effects of the healing energy working and you will also have the benefit of added relaxation, however either way you will receive the full effects of the healing energy. You will be contacted again with the result of your healing. You are welcome to ask any questions you may have in relation to your healing.

The treatment lasts for 1 hour and is $70


Reiki is a natural form of healing therapy which aims to reduce stress and enhance the body's natural ability to self heal. It is applied through the laying on of hands - either gently on the body, or hovering slightly above the body to increase the life force energy. This form of therapy aims to increase energy levels and promote relaxation and wellbeing.The underlying philosophy behind Reiki is that if a person's energy force is high, they are more able to cope with daily stressors and are therefore more likely to feel healthy. When the life force energy drops lower, they are more likely to be unwell or stressed. Reiki aims to replenish the life force energy of a person and balance the aura and chakras.

A 1 hour session is $70.00 and you can expect to feel rejuvenated and
relaxed after your treatment.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a form of energy healing whereby crystals are placed on and around the body. The crystals are placed in the energy centres of the body called the chakras, and also in specific points around the body in the aura. Crystals have the ability to alter the energy vibration of the aura and chakras and therefore can stimulate the energy to flow more freely and relieve any congestion and blockages. The treatment is non-invasive as it is non-touch, but can be very powerful in releasing blocked energy and allows the body's natural self-healing abilities to work more effectively.

Each treatment is for 1 hour and is $70.

NEW! Children's Healings

Children have many of their own frustrations, anxieties, emotions and fears that they don’t understand and don’t know what to do with. Unfortunately this can mean they get stored in your child’s chakra system creating blockages in the energy flow. Energy healings on children can help to alleviate anxiety, nervousness, nightmares and fears.
Children’s sessions may also be done via distance, and are equally as powerful. Distance healings are useful when the child is unlikely to lay still for the duration.

All children’s sessions are for ˝ hour and are $40

Learn to Meditate

Learn to meditate is a basic meditation course designed for beginners who want the benefits of meditation and to gain a greater understanding of how meditation works. The course offers the opportunity to experience different meditation techniques as well as instant meditations allowing you to keep in balance throughout the day. The meditation course includes topics such as: what is meditation and what it is not; benefits of meditation; difficulties in meditation; instant meditations; and guided meditations.

$170 for 6 Weeks. $85 Deposit.

Understanding Energy

This course is designed to introduce you to what energy is, how it works and how you can make it work for you. The course offers the opportunity to feel or sense different energies and gain an understanding of how they can affect you throughout your day. The course includes topics such as: Auras, Chakras, How to feel energy, and Working with pendulums.

$125 for 1 day course. $62.50 Deposit.

Living the Life you Love

Do you want more from your life? Do you feel that there is something you're missing? In this 1 day workshop, we'll discover what you want to achieve in your life, learn how to set effective goals, uncover ways to attain your dreams and goals and also find techniques to jump obstacles as they come along. This dynamic course will set you on the path of achieving the life you'd love to live.

$125 for 1 day course. $62.50 Deposit.

Realms of the Angels

Learn about the realms of the angels, including spirit guides, guardian angels and Archangels. Discover how to set up an Angel Altar and invite the angels into your daily life. Realms of the angels also includes meditations to help you connect to your guardian angels and spirit guides.

$50 for 2 Hours. $25 Deposit.

Space Clearing Techniques

Learn why and when a space clearing or smudging technique should be performed. Discover the best smudge sticks to use, the smudging tools required and how to perform the space clearing.

$50 for 2 Hours. $25 Deposit.

Interlinked Healing Technique

Energy Healing is a complete 3 level course to teach people how to perform energy healings on themselves and on others. It combines my knowledge of Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Crystal Therapy, Reiki and Spiritual Healing as well as the knowledge I have gained over my years of performing healings.

Level 1 will give the participant a basic understanding of energy and how to perform a healing on themselves or a friend or family member and includes topics such as: What is energy healing, How does it work, Ethics, Auras, Chakras, Grounding yourself, Cleansing your own energy, How to perform simple healings

$195. $97.50 Deposit.

Pendulum Power

Begin to understand the power of pendulums and how to make them work for you. This course covers topics such as how to choose your pendulum, how to ask your pendulum questions to receive clarity, and how to identify blockages in your chakras and aura. Discover the benefits of using crystal pendulums.

$50 for 2 Hours. $25 Deposit.

I recently attended a 6 week meditation course at Mystic Motivation. Not only did I find it to be informative and extremely educational for my emotional wellbeing, but it has now helped me in my everyday life. It helps to keep me calm in my day to day stresses. It has also aided my own spiritual awareness. I found Donna to be a wonderful educator of this course and I would recommed this course to anybody who wants to bring meditation into their life.


I met Donna at a time in my life where there was a lot of change and for
me, that meant uncertainty, anxiety and stress. Donna's ability to assist me in clearing my mind to see my life the way it is, and the way I want it to be, gave me the strength and energy to focus on the things that are important, remain calm and positive and begin to make my life the life I wanted.
She has an incredibly compassionate and calming nature that supports everyone of her treatments. I do still believe, all though Donna does realise she helped me, the extent of what she did and what she allowed me to do, she might never understand! Thank you Donna.


Hello Donna

I wanted to send a huge thank you to you and your team at Mystic Motivation.
I have done several of the courses including Reiki, Understanding Energy and currently Meditation, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed.
I have tried the reflexology and had a Pranic healing session, again wonderful.
To anyone reading this, the hot stone massage with Donna is absolutely fabulous! I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I am amazed at how quickly I "zone" out. Through various conditions and ailments, my muscles are always tight and give me persistent pain to varying degrees. I know I'm not alone in this. :)
I find the hot stone massage not only relieves that pain but more importantly (for me) I am so relaxed, I drift away to entirely different planet somewhere, and feel fabulous after having one.
Donna has the ability to make the hot stones glide over you in a mesmerizing rhythm that soon has me completely oblivious to just about everything. I find it incredibly calming. The only down side is when Donna gently tells you she's finished. WHAT! where did that hour go!

With heart felt thanks

PS if you're someone who is hesitant about a massage because you maybe a bit body conscious, don't, Donna makes you feel completely at ease and believe me, I 'aint no supermodel :)

Thank you so much Donna.

The Angel Realms course was absolutely fantastic.
I love your gentle and knowing energy and clear way of communication and fun vibe. I know I am in safe hands with you and can relax. I got some great insights from your guided meditations and will definitely recommend any of your courses. Wow - I feel great, vibrant, full of colour and so happy to meet with others on a similar path.

Best wishes,
Love Nina x

Thank you so much for being here to rest my soul in such a lovely environment.

Hello Donna
I attended your pendulum workshop and wanted to say you were really great. I felt so comfortable especially with your knowledge and your positive intention. Thank you.

Kind regards

Hi Donna
I would like to thank you so much for the Crystal Healing last week. I haven't had many healings before this and I was amazed at how relaxed and calm I became as the healing progressed, which is quite an achievement for me, as I dont relax easily! I was also amazed and very grateful for the comprehensive evaluation of the healing afterwards. I will definately be back for more, it has helped me in more ways than I can explain. You are truely gifted, thank you for sharing that with me. I feel a clarity I havent felt in a long time, I feel great!

Thank you,
Janelle, Inglewood

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Advanced Pranic Healing
Pranic Psychotherapy
Crystal Healing
Reiki I, II and III
Certified Angel Intuitive

International Institute for Complementary Therapists
Australian Metaphysical Association
Pranic Healers Association


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