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Naamba Holistic Day Spa

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Therapeutic Massage - Bio-Energetic Bodywork - Remedial Chinese (Tui Na) - Chinese Energetics -
Intuitive Empath

Relaxation Massage - Aromatic - Swedish - Shen & Intuitive Qi - Theta Sound Frequencies

Pregnancy Massage – Prenatal – Postnatal - Pamper Packages

Vibrational Healing - Medical Qigong – Pranic Healing - Needleless Acupuncture - Tuning Forks - Crystal, Sound & Colour Therapy - Iching - Flower Essences - Distant Healing

Naamba Health & Day Spa - Bodywork, Beauty & Day Spa Rituals

Therapeutic Massage - Bioenergetic Bodywork - Remedial Chinese (Tui Na) - Chinese Energetics - Intuitive Empath

A personalised treatment dedicated to restoring inner balance and holistic wellness; synergising your inner journey with the physical. A firm yet gentle corrective treatment for Spinal, Pelvic and Sacral Alignment. Spinal Alignment allows miasm (emotional wound/stagnant energy) to move from cellular memory toward the heart for awareness and compassionate release.

Both sides of the body are balanced through Soft Tissue Manipulation, Tendon Release and subtle Structural Adjustments. Point Location releases excess energy via meridians through breath and gentle stretching techniques, regulating Qi and blood flow and removing local stagnation or pain.

This specialised treatment is highly recommended for clearing old unconscious or conscious emotional history, ancestral programming and/or stubborn emotional holding patterns such as grief, depression, guilt or shame.

Therapeutic Add Ons

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Oriental - Cupping

  • Oriental - Guasha & Moxibustion

  • Medical Qigong - Energy Work

  • Signature Flower Essence

  • Sacred Sanctuary

Relaxation Massage - – Aromatic - Swedish - Shen & Intuitive Qi - Theta Sound Frequencies

A nurturing and restorative massage working on the superficial layers of the muscles. Designed to allow the body unwind into deep states of relaxed bliss. A combination of Effleurage, Kneading, Petrissage, Tapotement and Qi Massage administered from the heart calms the nervous system to a tranquil state. Warm soothing aroma oils and theta sound frequencies enable deep soul healing. You will feel Shen (Mind & Spirit ) nourished after this sensory experience.

Relaxation Add Ons

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Any Naamba Sparitual

  • Medical Qigong - Energetic Healing

  • Signature Flower Essence

  • Sacred Sanctuary

Pregnancy Massage - Prenatal - Postnatal - Pamper Packages

Prenatal - Pregnancy massage is wonderful to decrease stress and help cope with discomfort experienced in the second and third trimester. As pregnancy relaxes your ligaments your pelvic joints are less stable. Changes in posture and weight distribution can make you prone to pelvic misalignment. Therapeutic Massage assists to re-align pelvic distortions helping ease the process of delivery.

Regular massage after the first trimester can also aid to shorten your labor time. Must be at least 13 weeks gestation before it's safe to receive your first massage.

Acupressure may help bring on childbirth if you’re overdue or trying to beat an induction date and also encourages the body’s optimal response during labor. Induction massage is relaxing, tension eases and your body returns to a calm and willing state helping create a centered and grounded space to bring baby in.

Post-natal - The whole process of Childbirth is a strain upon your abdomen, lower back and hips. If you are breastfeeding your upper back and neck may also be tense. By increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles your body can re-adjust to its pre-baby state and you will feel more relaxed. Natural endorphins and feel good hormones are also secreted during massage encouraging the letdown reflex which releases milk from your breasts. Massage can assist with the baby blues and postnatal depression providing important mummy time.

Pregnancy Add Ons

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Any Naamba Spa Ritual

  • Medical Qigong - Energetic Healing

  • Signature Flower Essence

  • Sacred Sanctuary

Vibrational Healing - Medical Qigong - Pranic Healing - Needleless Acupuncture - Tuning Forks - Crystal,
Sound & Colour Therapy - Iching - Flower Essences - Distant Healing

Known as Pranic Healing in the West, this subtle energy therapy clears excess Qi from acupoints, nadis and major chakras and activates Qi deficient energy centres. Aligning meridian pathways and straightening the vital health rays of the body results in improved immunity and hormonal wellbeing. Incredible and miraculous health benefits using Medical Qigong have been recorded within the world’s largest medicineless hospital in China.

Smoothing out the energy currents promotes a delicate yet deeply healing and uplifting experience allowing you to come back home to Self. Tuning Forks synchronise and balance out the body's biofield. Profound realisations can occur during or within the following few days of a Qigong treatment. Flower Essences are an excellent compliment to this work

Crystal, Gem, Sound and Colour Therapy may also be incorporated throughout this treatment.

Energetic Add Ons

  • Smudging – Aura Cleanse – Clearing Ritual

  • Qi Boost – Life Force Therapy – Qi Machine

  • Pranic Facelift – Needleless Acupuncture

  • Signature Flower Essence

  • Sacred Sanctuary


Lymphatic Drainage

Reduces inflammation and detoxifies the body by removing sluggish toxins from the lymphatic system. Hormonal and immune function is improved. A healing accompaniment to Bodywork helping speed up cellular and tissue regeneration. Very gentle and soothing.

Oriental - Cupping

Restores the natural flow of blood and Qi within tissues and energy meridians. A combination of stationary and gliding cups relieves cold conditions, blood congestion, stagnation and Qi deficiency or excess within major energy centres. A pain free alternative to Acupuncture however can cause some short term bruising to the skin.

Oriental - Guasha & Moxibustion

Guasha is an invigorating yet gentle scraping technique that relieves excess Qi, heat and wind conditions. Then relax deeply into the soothing yet penetrating heat of Moxibustion. Burning Mugwort (Moxa) gently stimulates acupoints and warms meridian pathways generating good Qi flow and balance

Smudging – Aura Cleanse – Clearing Ritual

Smudging is the common name given to a powerful cleansing technique used within the Native North American Indian tradition. The ancient ritual of burning dried White Sage purifies your mind, body and atmosphere and restores balance. Clearing your inner and outer environment promotes healing and spirituality. Cleanse away all the emotional and psychic trash that may have gathered over the last few days, months, or years. In a very real way, it is a form of spiritual spring cleaning!

Qi Boost – Qi Machine

The Qi Machine helps clear meridian pathways facilitating maximum flow of healing energy through all body organs.

Creating a rhythmic figure eight wave like motion aligns the spine and Qi begins to flow freely strengthening your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health. As it activates and energises cellular Qi within the spinal fluid every cell throughout your entire body is oxygenated thus increasing your metabolic rate and aiding detoxification via the lymphatic system.

A wonderful energetic entrée as it enables a more refined sensitivity of subtle energy to be experienced enhancing further energy work.

Pranic Facelift – Needleless Acupuncture

Coloured Prana Applications are specifically directed to tone, energise and balance the energy currents of the face. Experience the rejuvenating effect of Pure Prana for a youthful life enhancing glow and skin boost.

Signature Flower Essence

Australian Bush and Bach Flower essences specifically chosen to match your current energetic frequency signature. Working on the layers of the emotional and mental body during treatment provokes deep and profound effects. An absolute stress buster to promote clarity and deep inner peace. * Used directly on acupoints and taken internally during treatment.

Sacred Sanctuary

Overlook the hinterland from Naamba’s sacred garden sanctuary. Relax in the cosy Cocoon Chair as you indulge your feet in a warm soothing Goats Milk foot spa. Sipping your favourite refreshment completes your Naamba Spa experience.

Qualification details

BHSc (Naturopathy - 1994/1995), 4 Year Apprenticeship of technical training and personal tutelage under Eastern & Western MD’s (Total 6 yrs study). 24 years experience.

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