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Najah's Hypnotherapy

Najah Kerbaj

North Parramatta NSW 2151

Servicing area: North Parramatta & Baulkham Hills

Najah's Hypnotherapy

Get a balanced lifestyle and an amazing outcome with the help of Hypnotherapy

Creative Hypnotherapy, Self-healing & Self-hypnosis, & Sports Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnosis is a deeply calming condition during which recommendations are made to form about advantageous changes in behaviours or thoughts. 

The subconscious mind controls the body’s involuntary activities, including patterns and actions that we do automatically. It is driven by our feelings, imagination and channels the energy from within. It also holds memories of all that has happened to us. In hypnosis, the mind is exceptionally responsive to modern thoughts and open to proposals which empower more sensible, adjusted attitudes to reality. 

Symptoms associated with stress or anxiety can be helped in the clinical setting; in such cases, it is not a substitute for medical treatment, but a very useful addition to it. From this holistic approach, the mind and body influence each other and the individual as a whole.

Other Applications for Hypnotherapy 


Hypnosis is the perfect state to promote creativity and activities of imagination.


Tests on community trails have shown that pathological and fracture healing has increased in patients diagnosed with hypnotherapy. 

Self Hypnosis

In groups or individually, self-hypnosis is taught. Post-hypnotic advice may be offered during therapy to reach the desired state, giving you the faith that you need to be free of self-limiting beliefs.

Sports Performance

In sport psychology, hypnosis is often used to bring the best out of athletes. Practising effectively will fire neurons within the brain in precisely the same patterns that they would perform when doing the task. Such gestures are believed to be responsible for enhanced neuromuscular control along with contractions in the muscles.

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