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Garry Muir - Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

At Narellan Hypnotherapy let me help you with the issues in your life through Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Counselling. So call, text or email me today to book an appointment for a face to face Hypnotherapy session or for an online session

Diploma of Hypnotherapy

Member of the International Institute Of Complementary Therapists
Member of The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

Saturday appointments available.

Get help for Quit Smoking, Quit Alcohol, Weight Control and Diet, Quit Gambling, Stress and Anxiety and Depression, Unwanted Habit and Fear and Phobias

Servicing all areas of South West Sydney

Narellan Hypnotherapy and Counselling - Garry Muir - Clinical Hypnotherapist

About Narellan Hypnotherapy


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Narellan Hypnotherapy is the clinical hypnotherapy practice of Garry Muir, located in Narellan, just 10 minutes away from the M5 .

Garry is a qualified practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy, trained at the Academy of Applied Hypnosis in Sydney in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy.


  • Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy.
  • NLP
  • Counselling
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Psychology for Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnoanalytical Techniques

My mission...

To help the individual achieve a relaxed and peaceful state of mind and body, finding relief from Stress and Anxiety, Fears and Phobias.

Helping people with Eating Habits, Weight Control and Exercise Motivation

To help people discover their Self Esteem, Motivation, Self Belief and Self Confidence

Discovering relief from Pain

And to help people overcome unwanted addictions such as Gambling, Smoking, Alcohol .

These are but a few of my goals to help you achieve the GOALS IN YOUR LIFE


Let me help you overcome that continuing weight issue in your life and learn to respect and look after your body

Gastric Band Hypnosis brings you the benefits without the risk!

And its an easy and natural way to lose weight without going under the knife.

The actual surgery will cost you anywhere between $20,000.00 and $25,000.00.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Surgery will cost you a fraction of the actual surgery

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Narellan Hypnotherapy can help you with the following issues and more:

  • Weight control
  • Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Surgery
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Smoking addiction
  • Pain management
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Public Speaking
  • Motivation
  • Self Esteem
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Concentration, Study & Exams
  • Dental Fear
  • Insomnia
  • Sports Performance enhancement
  • Self Healing
  • Bad Habits
  • Addictions
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Sex Addiction
  • Recovering from Cancer
  • Jealousy & Trust
  • Regression and Past Life Regression

Sports Perfomance

Remove the mental barriers which limit yourself, whether your run, ride horses or motorbikes, play golf or football, whatever your sport, improve your sport through Hypnotherapy

Weight Control

Lose that extra weight and become slimmer, fit into those slim fitting clothes you have always wanted to wear, discover more energy in life, sleep better, look and feel younger, and most of all, live a longer full life.

Hypnotherapy suggestions will be given to your subconscious mind to change your relationship with food, eating only when you are hungry, decreasing the cravings to eat in-between meals, stick with a sensible diet of nutritious food and regular exercise, with no more snack or junk food in you daily life, and eating smaller portions of food, and to be satisfied with smaller portions of food on your plate, leading to a new, slimmer, healthier you. DON'T go down the road to major health issues that result from being over weight, like diabetes.

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Learn to Control your Eating habits and your Weight through Hypnotherapy

Stress and Anxiety

Manage your Stress & Anxiety more effectively in your daily life, at work and at home, and regain a sense of control over your life. Hypnotherapy suggestions will help your mind to relax, be calm and peace within yourself, to improve your sleep patterns and your daily relaxation, to manage your Stress & Anxiety as you move into your future, helping you become that happy, relaxed person you want to be in life, no matter what daily issues you may face, completely in control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.


Leading to a new life of structure and commitment to your life without any anxiety or stress, and in control of your whole life day by day.

Sexual Dysfunction

Regain your sexual desires, don't rely on drugs to stimulate your sexual desires, let hypnotherapy allow you discover a natural way of finding your sexual pleasures once more

Hypnotherapy suggestions given to your subconscious mind, will enable you to relax, remove all barriers and anxieties in your mind, and re-discover the pleasures of sex once more, so remember, just relax, and enjoy sex, and allow yourself to become sexually stimulated once more, causing easy and beautiful sex every time you are with your partner or that someone special in your life

So remember that you cannot fail, because the goal of sex is pleasure and sharing closeness

Smoking Addiction

Become a non smoker for life!


Cancer is the number one killer, not to mention that pack a day habit costs a lot of money every year, money that you could be spending on some of the nice things in life, or paying off your mortgage quicker. Get help with Hypnotherapy, ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE. Cigarettes are slowly killing you, that persistent cough, hard to over come the flu every season, less and less lung capacity, lack of energy, so don't go down the road of emphysema, because there is no turning back!

Not to mention its becoming so anti-social!

Hypnotherapy suggestions are given to your subconscious mind, to enable you to create new healthy habits and routines, and behaviours, and to block out the cravings for tobacco. Regardless of how long you have smoked, its never too late to quit, but remember, it must be your decision to quit.

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Pain Management

For people who suffer from arthritis, injuries and postoperative discomfort, hypnosis can help you achieve a relaxed and peaceful nights sleep and manage your pain for the future, through disassociate and relaxation techniques as well as post hypnotic dream therapy, ego strengthening and self-hypnosis procedures. The aim of hypnotherapy in pain management is to minimize the individuals experience of pain and maximize comfort and relaxation

Dental Fear

Fear of the Dentist chair must be on everyones number one list of fear and anxiety, it is estimated between 70% and 80% of people suffer some type of dental anxiety and 10% to 20% avoid dental treatment entirely. Some of the fears that manifest in the individual are invasion and a lack of control when in the dentists chair, hearing the sounds coming from within the consulting room, a sense of embarrassment presenting the dentist with signs of dental neglect and the feeling of gagging. Sometimes friends or family make careless comments, and automatically sympathy is given to anyone who is due for an appointment. Through relaxation and positive suggestion techniques you will be able to control those fears of gagging, and the dentists drill!!

Fears and Phobias

Fears and Phobias can be anything from plane flight to bees, spiders, leaches, claustrophobia and needle phobia. Other common fears can be loss, loneliness, betrayal, illness, ageing or death, there are more than a thousand of them. Unreal fears are mainly rooted in the fear of not being loved, abandonment or rejection. The negative beliefs, habits and unreal fears you hold about yourself have been learned throughout your life, they are not something you are, or can become. Feel calm, confidant and relaxed regardless of the stressful situation through cognitive therapy techniques that challenge your irrational beliefs and fears. No more fast beating heart, feeling hot or breaking out in a sweat. Hypnotherapy helps you to stop those old behaviours, those old reactions, because if you cant find that old fear or phobia, then you no longer have to feel anxious or use any avoidance strategy.


Motivation to write, enhance or change your career, exercise, go to the gym, whatever your goal in life maybe, motivation is the key to inner growth, its the primal force that gets us out of bed in the morning and floods into our every action. The more motivated you are, the more incentive for self-improvement, to succeed, increase your efforts towards self-knowledge and self-change, becoming more relaxed, healthy and self-confidant. Sometimes it can become very difficult to keep yourself motivated in life, but through hypnotherapy you will increase the belief in your own abilities and to succeed in life and keep you motivated. Make a list of the reasons for the goal you are working towards and be surprised at what you discover about the motivations and your reasons for change. They will strengthen and increase your motivation towards your goal. Rid yourself of self-doubt and thoughts of failure; use your sub conscious now and for the future through applied positive motivation therapy techniques. Hypnotherapy sessions will allow you to realize that nothing in life is impossible.

Self Esteem

Self-esteem has to do with self-image, the way we think people see us, not the way people actually see us. Low self esteem causes people to become sensitive to the way other people judge and see us. Hypnotherapy will give you the ability to take control of your life, to be proud, joyful and confident, allowing you to focus on the positives instead of the negatives in life, releasing you from fears that are holding you back, allowing you to become aware of the positive aspects of yourself, causing significant changes in oneself.

Speaking in Public

The number one fear is that of having to speak in front of a group of people. Hypnotherapy will allow you to enjoy speaking in public, remaining perfectly calm, confidant and self-assured allowing you to be able to talk freely and naturally, completely relaxed, completely at ease and confidant in yourself.

Self Hypnosis

Allowing the individual to develop the ability to enter self-hypnosis provides oneself with meaningful and effective suggestions for self-change. Practicing self-hypnosis can reinforce therapy, helping to strengthen suggestions, i.e. to abstain from smoking, preparing you for a better nights sleep, or freeing yourself of the stress and anxiety of daily life. You will be taught self-hypnosis techniques and then practice at home, or in your lunchtime at work. All you will need is a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes and consciously relax your body. When you open your eyes you will feel alert, fully orientated, and ready to carry on with the rest of your day, feeling refreshed and recharged. Around 15 to 20 minutes each day have been shown to reduce the effects of daily stress or strengthen previous hypnotherapy sessions. You will find yourself becoming relaxed and calm in everyday situations, even in those situations in which you feel tense and apprehensive, you will be able to control those feelings; you control them, they dont control you

Concentration, Memory & Study and Exams

Through hypnotherapy you will be able to concentrate and focus on learning, increase your memory and deal with stress and anxiety, allowing you to maximize your motivation for study, increase your power of comprehension and concentration and stay focused and calm. What used to be distractions will no longer bother you, whether they were persons, places or things. You will be able to recall information and answer all oral or written questions correctly, increasing your abilities to succeed in your exams.


Insomnia is a debilitating condition. Long term lack of sleep can be bad for your health and cause poor performance at work. All of us suffer this at one time or another. It is the chronic inability to sleep well, difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep, awaking very early and waking in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep.

Hypnotherapy can provide relief from insomnia without any of the drawbacks from taking medication

Qualification details

Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP
Trained at the Academy of Applied Hypnosis in Sydney

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Narellan Hypnotherapy - Garry Muir - Clinical Hypnotherapist