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Narelle Gordon

Servicing area: Morriset, Newcastle, Cessnock, Wyong, Lake Macquarie, Toronto, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, NSW

Depression Fear Quit smoking ...
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Specialising in quiting smoking

Narelle Gordon

QUIT SMOKING in 60 Minutes

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About Me

I have been registered Psychologist for over 20 years.

For the last four years I specialise in the use of Hypnotherapy and Quantum Biofeedback as very powerful means to assist clients to QUIT SMOKING, and to overcome other addictions, eg.Marijuahana, Alcohol, Sugar, Gambling.

I also use Hypnotherapy to assist with changing unhelpful habits, WEIGHTLOSS, and overcoming fears/phobias, and developing self confidence.

Quantum Biofeedback is an amazing device based on retraining the body and mind through the use of our electrical information, the energy language. It analyses our energetic reactions to over 13,000 frequencies and then assists the client to learn how to de-stress at the conscious and subconcious level, and to manage discomfort or pain. Since stress is involved in over 85% of physical and mental illnesses and health challenges, this stress reduction program can have far reaching benefits for clients faced with many kinds of ailments and concerns.

As an example, I have found it very effective in accelerating results for those suffering DEPRESSION and/or ANXIETY.

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Narelle Gordon