Mother Earth Spirit - Sacred Healing Space

Nari Anastarsia

Chester Hill NSW 2162

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Mother Earth Spirit - Sacred Healing Space
Soul Guiding Spiritual Healer working in unison with the Spirit of Mother Earth to bring about healing of Mind, Body & Soul…

Mother Earth Spirit

In Lak'ech Ala K'in I am you and you are me. (Mayan greeting)

This beautiful Mayan greeting recognises that we are all indeed aspects of the one consciousness. We are all family.

So to my brothers and sisters of one heart, if you feel you have lost your way and need a little guidance back to your true empowered authentic self, I am here. If you are searching, hungry and genuine for real growth, healing and inner transformation, I would love to see you.

Feeling Lost?
It’s easy to feel lost in today’s society, of what is considered normal. There’s ticking clocks, deadlines, family and relationship challenges, heartbreak, financial burdens and work that brings no joy.

Below the superficial challenges of everyday existence there are undercurrents of emotional energy stored up from experiences and relationships that have left many in sterile, drained, stagnant states. It’s no wonder that so many people on this planet are finding themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted.

Is Your Heart Barricaded With Walls?
There is creative light within all of us, but with the nature of life’s lessons, many find themselves disoriented. When young there is awe, everything is alive and the world is full of wondrous colour but somewhere along the journey this love and enthusiasm for life is shut down. For we realise that by avoiding love we also avoid pain. Invisible walls are put up around our hearts and for a while we feel safe.

By putting walls up, we feel as though we are protecting ourselves from the world and all its pain and heartbreak; but what we’re really doing is barricading that pain energy in. It is this energy that is barricaded in that is most often the cause of many magnetised challenges and ailments in the body; for everything is energy and everything is connected.

Face Your Fears
For true authentic healing, I believe it is important to confront the fears and mistrust within us, understand its lessons and use it to empower instead of disempowering our abilities to grow and move forward.

Most often I see people looking outside themselves for cures. This may come in the form of tablets or herbs, and by all means if this helps alleviate the symptoms, continue. But if you desire long lasting change and real transformation, look within.

You are Not Alone
It’s not always easy to face shadow aspects of yourself. This time can be quiet confronting and revealing. My role as a Soul Guiding Spiritual Healer is to guide each individual through this process and assist them to find their way back to their hearts.

I am both student and teacher and I share my experiences and insights as I open up and understand the deeper truths and lessons within me. I allow this conscious awareness to direct my life and in so doing I assist others who are walking the same steps.

I understand that my experiences are not unique to me but reflect common lessons experienced by many on this spiritual journey.

Although I have taken all the necessary Earthly Studies to be able to hold my sessions, such as Holistic Counselling, Complimentary Therapies, Reiki, Curative Hypnotherapy, Anatomy & Physiology, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing and various modalities in Spiritual Healing, my real Teachers are reflected from my experiences, visions, dreams and Mother Earth herself. I also work with Teachers and Masters not from this realm but from higher realms of consciousness.

Sacred Healing Space
The healing sessions themselves are facilitated in a sacred space like no other. Created with love, the space is filled with the energy of Mother Earth, with tree branches stretched across the walls, sprinkled with stardusts, portals and spirals of cosmic energy. Healing colours, crystals and even the healing bed is filled with crystals and stones to uplift ones energy.

The sessions are guided by spirit and the healing may come in the form of -

- Holistic Counselling
- Guided Mediations
- Tarot Oracle Cards
- Mediumship
- Energetic Detachments
- Smudging
- Reiki
- Art Therapy
- Crystal Therapy
- Colour Therapy
- Connecting with Power Animals
- Chakra Cleansing
- Past Life Clearing
- Addressing Self Belief Systems
- Complementary Therapies
- Dream Interpretations
- Spiritual Guidance
- Aura Cleansing
- Clearing energy Blocks

I also express my journey and connection with spirit through my creative endeavours, such as artworks, jewellery making, sculptures, essential oil blends, poetry and writing. I facilitate Creative Art Workshops for the Soul every month and only last year 2016 my first Oracle deck "Cosmic Reading Cards"' was published with Rockpool Publishing. I also enjoy taking part and showcasing my art work at festivals such as the Natural Therapies Gifts Fairs, Festival of Dreams and Mind Body Spirit Festivals. To view art collection, please visit my website


“Having worked with multiple Artists, Healers, Shamans and visionaries on a weekly basis over the past several years, I can confidently say that Nari is one of the best and most under rated spiritual guides and artist that I have ever had the privilege of working with. Nari embodies her work and is a true professional. Working with Nari has enriched my life in many ways.” Michael NSW

"Nari is a gifted transformational healer and works on the deepest of all levels of the mind, body and spirit to facilitate long lasting transformation. She has incredible insights and is able to quickly get to the very heart of the issue preventing healing and transformation. Her gentle and practical techniques, loving nature and amazing healing space provide for the most transformational and effective healing. I left my session feeling grounded and with clarity on the changes I need to make in my life to support a more loving and joy-filled life. I strongly recommend Nari to any person seeking deep and powerful transformation and healing." Renee K NSW

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