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Narissa Harrison Kinesiology

Narissa Harrison

12 Tea Tree Gr
Peregian Springs QLD 4573

Narissa Harrison Kinesiology

Narissa Harrison Kinesiology offers an empowering alternative to Healing. Working with the body to quickly and efficiently uncover concerns and identify any root causes to restore balance and health.

Narissa Harrison Kinesiology

About Narissa

Our bodies are constantly attempting to communicate with us and illness can be the body’s way of showing an imbalance or disharmony. At times we need to pause and step back from the daily stresses of modern day living.

A Kinesiology treatment with Narissa is an amazing infusion of creativity and intuition, whilst also incorporating the tools, skills, and knowledge that were developed through the qualifications and training of the accredited modality – Progressive Kinesiology.

Narissa works with the body’s intricate energy systems, gently assisting and changing any negative conditions to positive ones, whether it be emotional, mental, energetic or physical. Using her extensive knowledge and experience, Narissa has adapted her own personal style that incorporates soft yet powerful tools, skills, wisdom, techniques, and knowledge.

What Kinesiology has taught me?

  1. What constitutes your health is unique to you

  2. Our life experiences are a major factor towards our health

  3. We are holistic

  4. Balance and flow

  5. Self-Care

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