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For all of your professional Hot Stone & Relaxation Massage Treatments, you can't go past Natalie Phelps. Bach & Australian Flower Essences are also available

Natalie Phelps - Massage Treatments

Servicing area

West Perth, Western Australia

Focus areas

Manicure Conception Neck massage Emotional wellbeing Restructuring Relaxation

Relaxation Massage


Aromatic relaxation massage combing flowing strokes and pressure points, deeply relaxing and inclusive of organic essential oils and Bush flower Essences.* inclusive of organic essential oils and bush flower essences

15min $25 30min $40 45min $55
60min $75 75min $90 90min $100

Back Exfoliation

Smoothing Back Scrub $30
Beautiful Back Microdermabrasion $50
Microderm, Body Polish & 15min Massage $95

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Used throughout history and within many cultures, Flower essences are known as ‘vibrational medicine’ and work profoundly for EMOTIONAL WELLBEING and BALANCE

Most often taken as ‘drops, Flower Essences are used to act as a catalyst to assist a vast range of negative emotional states, healing by helping bring a person into emotional, spiritual and mental harmony. With an amazing healing capacity, results are astounding. For this reason Bush or Bach Flower Essences are used in conjunction with your massage and Bowen Therapy.

Nurturing Pregnancy

Both massage and the Bowen technique may play an important role in the health care and support of women pre ,during and post pregnancy, relieving both the physical changes and stresses that pregnancy and child birthing may bring during this very nurturing time.

Nurturing pregnancy treatments are supported by Australian bush flower essences for emotional and physical support and balancing.

Pre pregnancy: assists natural conception and IVF by balancing the hormonal system of the body and relaxes body and mind to support physical and emotional wellbeing.

During pregnancy: relaxes the physical body during natural physical changes including increasing flexibility of muscular system and in particular the sensitive spine and pelvic areas.

Post pregnancy: assists adjustments to the body, heals scarring and tissue to restore physical and emotional wellbeing


Carefully tailored to be safe for you and baby, this is a relaxing and gentle massage that is safe and comfortable. Treatments includes nurturing balms, organic essential oils, Flower essences to improve skin elasticity and prevention of stretch marks.As changes during pregnancy affect all aspects of the body, whole body massage of is most suggested. Each session is inclusive of appropriate assessment prior to nurturing massage

Gentle Focus 30min $45 45min $60
Nuturing all over 60min $80 75min $90

Healing Stone Therapy

Experience relaxation on a deeper level with this wholistic technique that will leave you feeling relaxed and balanced. Heated basalt stones are positioned on keys points of the body, along muscles, meridians and pressure points. These heated stones are incorporated into aromatic massage and act as an active therapeutic tool to absorb and gently release tension, stimulate circulation and promote detoxification.

45min $65 60min $80 90min $125

2hrs $160 75min $110

A luxurious duo...The Organic Earth & Ocean Facial enhanced with the warmth and healing of Hot Stone Therapy. Following warm stone placement of your legs and full back, armed stones are then positioned to soothe the body throughout the duration of the Organic Facial to relieve tension and restore balance.

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