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Member since
Sep 2004

Natasha Egyud

Contact Name Vitaj - Natasha Egyud
Mobile 0410435056
Address 480 Port Rd
West Hindmarsh SA 5007
Are you looking for a more natural approach to health care?

Good health is something we can all attain. The body, in its wisdom, is always seeking a state of balance. With our modern lifestyles; high stress levels, increased work loads, reduced physical activity (the list goes on!) the body becomes imbalanced and shows this by way of physical, mental or emotional symptoms. Symptoms are a warning signal; given to us by our bodys telling us that something is just not quite right! Often we dont listen to our symptoms until they are loud enough for us to hear. Determining the cause of these symptoms by way of using a Natural Medicine approach helps to begin a journey towards inner alignment.

Vitaj - Natasha Egyud

Naturopathy; treating the whole body.

Naturopathy, although a relatively recent term, is based on hundreds of years of traditional and empirical evidence. The main premise behind Naturopathy is to treat the WHOLE body and not just the symptoms. Therefore, by looking deep into the cause of your dis-ease will help create a goal towards better health.

If you suffer with any of the following ailments, then Naturopathy can help!

Recurrent headaches
Hormone imbalances
Chronic illness
Skin conditions
Joint pain
Irritable bowel syndrome

IRIDOLOGY; the secret is in the eyes..

Iridology was first discovered by Hungarian physician Ignatz Von Pecezely in the late 1800s. Iridology, the study of the Iris (coloured) part of the eye, is the main assessment tool used to ascertain inherent strengths and weakness in the body.

We have all heard the saying your eyes are the windows to your soul! Different sections of the eyes Iris relate to different areas of the body and can help detect causes for specific underlying illnesses. As your eyes are unique to you, like your fingerprints (there are no two sets of eyes exactly the same in the world), it gives Naturopaths great clarity on the specific causes for your set of symptoms.


The word Vitaj (vee-tay) is a word used in Natashas mothers native language of Slovak and means welcome.

Though it may seem an unusual choice of business name, it represents Natasha and her business ethos perfectly. The essence of Vitaj is about welcoming all those people who havent tried Natural Therapies before to explore a different avenue of achieving optimal health and well-being. It is also about welcoming back existing clients as they continue on their journey towards optimal health with Natasha.

As well as welcome, the Latin meaning of Vitaj (spelt vitae and pronounced the same way), is life. Natashas aim is to be a facilitator in her clients individual journey towards a healthy and well-balanced life.

Qualification Details

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
Advanced Diploma of Applied Science in Naturopathy (Honours)
Cert 1V in Workplace Assessment and Training


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