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Natasha Serin

Relationship & Intimacy Coaching for Christian Women

-- Brisbane QLD 4170

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Experience a fulfilling relationship   Re-claim and deepen your intimacy   Relate to lovemaking with a sense of celebration and joy   Learn how the way you relate to and what you believe about God impacts your relationship   

Relationship & Intimacy Coaching for Christian Women

Servicing area

Brisbane & Gold Coast

Focus areas

Trauma Shame Fear Love Joy Self love

About Me

Through long-term relationship I have learnt the art of inter-relating, through pain and vulnerability to tender, passionate, deep love and connection. 

I love sharing the knowledge and skills I have acquired, to guide others to a deeper more fulfilling connection with God, themselves and others and live a more aware, creative, intimate life.

I am a new Christian , having had many years wandering in the wilderness. God was there, but in the background where I wasn't listening. Now I have a relational connection with the Father and his Son, and although my wandering led me to challenging places, I have learnt a great deal which has given me an understanding and perspective that allows me to help others. Now I can apply this by working with and through the wisdom of Christianity.

Certified Sex Coach & Educator 



Couples Relationship & Intimacy Coaching                                                

90 min $110 

Re-kindle or deepen the connection with your partner while learning skills to create and navigate the kind of intimacy you yearn for.

These sessions may include:

  • Women's anatomy and arousal body system education
  • Masculine and feminine energy. How to understand the dynamics of these complimentary energies and inhabit both to deepen intimacy, and understand how the channel of blessing works
  • Guidance in working with sexual shame, inhibitions, insecurities and trauma
  • Communication & connection/distance & desire. Ways to utilise these tools to enhance your relationship and love making.
  • Delving into your Christian perspective and attitude toward sex
  • What God has in mind for us and how to live in alignment with this


Client feedback -

"I would highly recommend working with Natasha as a practitioner. She brings excellent training to the table along with her natural skills for holding safe space, being totally present and intuitive. All this is underpinned by a deep passion for her desire to help others experience deeper and more open connections with themselves and others.  Anonymous Gold Coast


"So deeply grateful for Natasha and her wisdom. I felt so opened to the journey of connecting to my body, my sexualtiy, my inner wisdom and self love. I will carry this knowledge and experience with me forever. Thank you! Thank you!" Ebany Byron Bay


Healing Trauma

90 min $110

Through gentle, compassionate presence I guide you through the journey of healing from sexual trauma. Requiring aware slow steps, allowing for a feeling of safety and trust to be established we gently face the challenges, guiding you along the way to feeling joy in pleasure again.


Client feedback -

"When I first sat with Natasha I was terrified. I have a sexual abuse history and found staying present with my partner very difficualt at times. Taking the first baby steps towards embracing my sexual self was difficult and confronting. Natasha was excellent at helping me. Our initial consultations were very slow and gentle allowing me to open up to myself and to start looking at my fears, negative attitudes and resistant behaviours. I was guided in the art of bodily presence and felt safe to begin to remain 'in my body' rather than 'checking out'. They were big scary steps, but I felt supported and nurtured with each one." Kahlili - Northern NSW



Feeling curious about this work and have questions, or want to see if I am the right practitioner for you?

I offer a free 20 min call to have a conversation about what your needs are and what you would love to create in your life, giving you the opportunity to get a feel for me and whether we would work well together.

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