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Naturopath, Fleur Cargin offers Ultra Lite - the Professional Weight and Health Management Program based on Naturopathic philosophies. Call Fleur to hear how she can help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Fleur Cargin - Weight Loss

Ultra Lite is a weight loss program based on a Naturopathic philosophy. It is effective, safe and does not use drugs or stimulants.

Ultra Lite is a fat-burning program, as opposed to a weight loss program. The program reduces body fat in two ways. You will learn how to incorporate a balanced protein and carbohydrate meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner – a regime that switches off your fat storage hormone (insulin) and activates your fat burning hormone (glucagon).

Your three meals include protein and low glycaemic carbohydrates – eg: a tomato/spinach omelette for breakfast, a chicken salad for lunch and lamb & vegetables for dinner.

The program comprises nutritional sachets (made up of vitamins, minerals and amino acids) that can be consumed as a hot or cold drink. They are taken four times a day, between meals - they are NOT a meal replacement, and are consumed in addition to your meals.

The Ultra Lite program burns fat and not lean muscle mass, so sagging skin or drawn faces are not a result of this program.

The average weight loss on the Ultra Lite program is 8-10kg over five weeks. This varies and depends on the excess weight you need to shed initially and how strictly you follow the program. If you are taking medications, you would need to discuss this prior to the initial consultation being arranged because certain drugs can interfere with your metabolism.

The Ultra Lite program includes six weekly consultations – this includes 45 minutes for the first consultation. During your first visit, Fleur will take you through the manual and explain how the program works. Subsequent visits will take 10-20 minutes, during which, Fleur will review your meal diary, weight and measurements and adjust your program as needed, to keep you on track 

Your sixth consultation acquaints you with the maintenance program and the consult time is 30 minutes - this is free of charge (saving you $45).

For more information about Fleur Cargin or to discuss the Ultra Lite program, call, visit Fleur’s website or click on one of the buttons below to make contact.

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