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At Natural Balance Kinesiology Centre we provide a range of professional Kinesiology Consulations, to people of all ages living in the greater Peregian Beach and Sunshine Coast area. We specialise in muscle and body pain, food sensitivities, issues relating to children and dealing with the emotional causes of problems in both adults and children.

Natural Balance Kinesiology Centre - Kinesiology

What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a non-invasive method of testing the muscles and energy flow in the body and uses light massage and touch to assist the body restore its own balance. Kinesiologists do not treat pain but assist the body heal itself by restoring its own balance.


We aim to achieve the balance nature intended - call us to find out how we can help you!


What Can Kinesiology Do For You?

Kinesiology can be used to treat a range of health conditions and as result offers a range of benefits. The most common of these benefits will be discussed in more detail below, with the main areas of focus including:
  • Emotional Health
  • Physical Health
  • Food sensitivities and nutritional concerns
  • Learning difficulties
  • Behavioural problems

Health Issues That Can Be Addressed With Kinesiology

Emotional Health
Kinesiology can assist the mind and body to cope with an array of stressors that we are faced with in daily life. Theses stressors can include overwork, relationship issues, family issues, coping with life in general and overall emotional and functioning health.

Physical Health
Many of us suffer from aches and pains at various stages in life. Kinesiology can address the specific pain area and uses a variety of techniques to help the body to restore it to a state where pain can be reduced or maybe even eliminated. Kinesiology can assist with other physical health barriers such as limited mobility, movement and capabilities and can open the pathways to a more fully functioning physical body.

Food Sensitivities and Nutritional Concerns
As the Kinesiologist can readily muscle test the body, this can facilitate detecting what is best suited to for ideal nutritional intake. This method can also detect whether a particular person is sensitive to certain foods or other allergens. This knowledge can assist the person get on the path to better health by advising them of their correct nutritional requirements that support better health.

Learning Difficulties
Testing techniques can assist determine what blocks may exist which prevent children learning to their full capability. Again, simple corrections and exercises can assist a child better cope with the demands of learning.

Behavioural Problems
Kinesiology can assist various conditions which contribute to behavioural problems. It addresses the causes and gives strategies to assist coping and behavioural patterns.

Why Should You Give Kinesiology a Try?

The applications of Kinesiology are far-reaching, as it works in conjunction with the body and the energy pathways of the body it can be beneficial for many issues not addressed here. Each body is different and each one responds to differing techniques, which is why our practitioner strives to know more about what you need before a treatment is given.

So go on. Give Kinesiology a try today and experience the benefits that is can bring to your health and wellbeing. Just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today to organise your next Kinesiology session at Natural Balance Kinesiology Centre

Qualification details

  • Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner (AKA, AIK)

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