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Holistic Shop: Heal, Awaken, Restore

Holistic Shop - Products & Services

Holistic Crystals & Accessories

Within our Melbourne store we have a broad range of Healing Crystals including pyramids, spheres, tumbled stones, crystal clusters, as well as Crystal Jewellery.

Also within our shop we have Tarot & Oracle card sets, books and other reference material on chakra healing, crystal healing, stress management etc to help you to heal, to awaken your inner being, and to restore balance and wholeness.

Additionally, we stock a range of Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps as well as smudge and incense sticks for cleansing.  We also supply beeswax candles, a range of electric vaporisers, oil burners, measuring and mixing containing, aromatherapy starter kits and a lot more. For any further information or for any further questions about our accessories and crystals click here.

Homeopathic dispensary and consultations

Our store situated in Melbourne has a comprehensive homeopathic dispensary with a diverse array of homeopathic simplexes which are available to the public on request. Furthermore, we provide a 1-on-1 Homeopathic consultations (through appointment) to enhance remedy selection. For more information on homoeopathic remedies click here. For all homoeopathic remedy and consultation queries click here.

Flower Remedies

Explore our Melbourne based store and discover our range of flower remedies including Bach Flower Remedies, Australian Bush Flower Essence combinations and FES Flower essences. We provide a combination flower remedy preparations and supply direct to the public. For more information click here.


Our Melbourne store provides a variety of selection of pure essential oils direct to the public. For more information click here.

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Holistic Shop: Heal . Awaken . Restore

Our new age holistic crystal store is the most amazing place to help yourself to Heal, Awaken your inner being, restore balance and wholeness!

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