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Naturopathy, Massage, Nutrition, Food and Environmental Intolerance Specialists, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Iridology. At the Natural Healing Centre we have been helping people regain their health and vitality for over 35 years. Our approach is simple, our methods effective. Specific programs, designed for the individual, integrate both classical methodologies and modern scientific practices. We will prescribe a treatment plan that will address the underlying cause of your illness or condition. Rather than simply suppressing or treating the symptoms, we treat our patients wholistically with the aim of addressing the underlying cause of the disease or condition. To achieve this we do more than just replace drugs with natural remedies. The body is considered as a whole and any ailment or disease reflects a malfunctioning of the whole body. Because we understand how illness and disease develop we also understand how they can be prevented and resolved. We use non invasive procedures, preferring to tailor make a program using natural therapies such as remedial massage, correcting nutritional deficiencies and specialised dietary programs along with herbal medicine and homoeopathic prescriptions which encourage the body to activate its own inherent ability to heal itself. The Natural Healing Centre is located in Ferny Creek, just a few minutes past the 1000 steps.  Specialists in: Stress, Anxiety and Depression Fatigue Insomnia Arthritis Cardiovascular Conditions High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Hormone Imbalances Natural Fertility Digestive Disorders Womens health Weight Issues Musculo – Skeletal Problems Liver and Kidney Conditions Skin Conditions Thyroid Problems Respiratory Conditions Hyperactivity and ADD Food and environmental intolerances Bio genetic hair follicle testing and analysis Neck and back pain Addiction

Natural Healing Centre Ferny Creek

Servicing area

Ferny Creek, Victoria

Focus areas

Skin care Indigestion Facial Love Aches & pains Stress management

Treatments include:

  • Naturopathy - Includes all the methods of healing the body without drugs or surgery, using natural remedies and techniques, food and nutrition.
  • Massage Therapies - (Deep Tissue, Sports, Lymphatic Drainage & Relaxation.) All these help your body relax.
  • Osteopathy
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy
  • Natural Fertility - using natural remedies to facilitate pregnancy
  • Weight Loss - All weight loss programs are designed specifically for the individual. 
  • Natural Drug Withdrawal - Using natural remedies and programs to get off drugs naturally.
  • Nutritional & Herbal Medicine - Involves using a correct diet and the right nutrition to prevent and treat illnesses. Herbal Medicine covers all of the remarkable remedies of the plant world for health and healing.
  • Womens Health
  • Bowen Therapy - Is a dynamic system of muscle and connective therapy that is revolutionizing health care worldwide. Great for body aches and pains.
  • Ear Candling 
  • Homoepathy - Uses very small amounts of herbs, minerals and elements that naturally stimulate the body's own healing powers.
  • Iridology - Looking at the Iris to see how the internal organs of the body are functioning and determining which areas need attention.


Our Practitioners are:

DR NERIDA JAMES (Naturopath)
Nerida specialises in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Natural Drug Withdrawal, ADD & Hyperactivity, Natural Fertility, Deep Tissue Massage, Stress, Depression and Anxiety Treatments, Iridology and Nutritional Herbal Medicine, and Food & Environmental Intolerances.


DR PAUL TURNER (Osteopath)


KATRINA CRUTCHLEY (Remedial Massage Therapist)

DIANA NEWMAN (Nutritionist)


All our practitoners are here to service you with whatever you need to improve you state of health and well-being. Make a time to see one of them by ringing reception on 9755 1900.


Dear Nerida...I am so grateful for your caring attention, because in a matter of weeks (my) asthma had abated and I no longer need to use Ventolin, whereas before I carried it with me everywhere.
- Mrs Ruth Rigby

I have never been so heathy in my adult life. Since first meeting you, only 3 months ago I feel like a different person,we cannot thank you enough for your help ...we will see you next year to prepare for parenthood!
- Maxine & Clay

I am writing to thank you so very much for helping my little daughter Rikki to get better...with your treatment she has come good in just 2 weeks.

I can happily recommend the Gallstone Recipe...the treatment worked very quickly, within 2.5 days the cleansing began, the result amazing. I immediately felt better in health.
- Muriel E

I have been seeing you for approximately 15 months now, and I would like to let you know much my health has improved in that time...
-Lisa Copping

Thank you very much for your great help. I no longer have hay fever and I can now eat and drink what I like without indigestion or feeling drained and tired.
-Ronnie Van Galen

For the greater part of this year I have been troubled by rashes - face, arms, chest, legs, etc...Your treatments have certainly worked for me and allowed me to resume normal living!
- David Hill

Ten days ago I couldn't eat, I couldn't drink water and I was extremely dehydrated. I felt so ill I was unable to work and became very weak... Maria has treated me 4 times and I feel like a new person. In two weeks time I am going to New York and without her help there was a chance I would not be able to go and I would have missed my best friend's wedding. You have made me feel like a new woman.
- Sarah

The treatments have been quite miraculous for me and have restored my health. I was skeptical before my last treatment but now I feel I have been given a life back and I am very grateful for this.
- A Burns


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