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At Natural Health Paradise we specialise in fertility and pregnancy to assist couples to enhance their natural fertility as well as increase their success during assisted therapies.

Natural Health Paradise - Infertility Support

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Clinics in Nedland and Rivervale, Western Australia

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Natural Health Paradise welcomes you to embark on the four steps of the fertility journey.

Step One - Make an appointment

We encourage you to consider an appointment early in your family planning to optimise you fertility health but it is also never too late to approach us and add the benefits of our services to your plan.

You may notice that many clinic offer infertility care as part of a long list of specialities. But seldom practitioners of Chinese medicine, unlike Dr. Yi Wang have both Western and Chinese gynaecology clinic experience, having worked as an obstetrician and Gynaecologist in China and later working as a Chinese Medicine physician.

Her approach in the clinic has arisen from a desire to meet the needs of her patients who live in the west, use the medicine and latest technology of the West (e.g. IVF) but also wish to benefit from what ancient traditional Chinese Medicine can offer.

We welcome you to visit our two clinics:

  • Nedlands: 21/145 Stirling Hwy (08) 9389 8858
  • Rivervale (Belmont): 145 Alexander Road (08) 9478 2867

Step Two - Initial Consultation with Dr. Yi Wang

We encourage you and your partner to attend together for your initial consultation.
Dr Yi will spend about 1 to 1 hours in the initial consultation discussing the following:

  • Understanding your body background and general health
  • Discuss your fertility and menstrual history
  • Reading your pulse and tongue according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Explaining your body imbalance issues
  • Making an individual treatment plan for you

For example:

  1. An acupuncture plan: we will discuss when you should start an acupuncture treatment. How often and how many treatments is best for you. (varies for natural fertility or IVF support)
  2. Traditional Chinese herbs plan: Targeted to your individual health imbalance, we will design an herbal remedy. This effective treatment plan will promote a positive health, improve the quality of eggs, sperm and endometrial lining to help increase fertility success.
    For example, in the follicular phase (about the first half of the cycle), the yin and blood grows, so do a number of follicles in response to stimulation from the pituitary hormone FSH. If you have yin and blood deficiency, Dr. Yi will target this by providing yin tonic and blood nourishing herbs to help this growth and development process to assist the quality of egg formation.
  3. A BBT chart and fertile mucus: Dr. Yi will explain to you how to use a basal body temperature measurement (BBT) and how observation of cervical mucus helps to refine our TCM diagnosis of female fertility. Because the fertile mucus can indicate that ovulation is about to happen and the BBT chart can show that ovulation has happened.

Step Three - Experience a calming and relaxing acupuncture

Infertility and the IVF process are extremely stressful events for couples wishing to achieve pregnancy. Acupuncture can alter stress hormone levels, improve blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, assist in digestion and improve sleep. Natural Health Paradise use extremely thin, disposable needles, and Dr. Yi is very gentle with special attention to patient comfort. During treatment most patients do not realize that the acupuncture needle has already been inserted and some may experience a tingling sensation or a light dull ache. After the first treatment, almost all patients fears disappear. The acupuncture therapy will last for 40minutes, it is designed to help you reduce your stress, eliminate your body Qi and Blood stagnation, and to calm and relax your mind. 80% of patients may even experience a relaxing sleep during their first treatment!

Step Four - To Perfect and improve your fertility treatment plan

The initial four weeks of treatment is designed to help balance your body. After which, Dr Yi will work together with you and your partner to focus on your gynaecological situation and improve your fertility. Subsequent consultations are free.

For example, Dr. Yi may follow your BBT chart to determine you follicular and luteal phase and work to adjust and perfect your fertility treatment plan. If you follicular phase is too short, say only 9-10 days, Dr Yi will use Chinese acupuncture and herbs to attempt to lengthen it. Because the egg and follicle must not only grow to a certain size, but must also reach a certain level of maturity, which may take time, energy and nourishment. The body loses blood and energy reserve during the period and these much be replaced in the few days prior ovulation.


How Acupuncture assist in increased fertility

Acupuncture has been used to assist with fertility for centuries, but it is only in recent years that its use has been utilized in the Western countries to assist in natural fertility, as an adjunctive strategy to increase the success of assisted therapies (IVF) and male infertility. The effect of acupuncture has aroused increasing interest in clinicians and researches worldwide with various publications. The studies show a positive effect of acupuncture in infertility through the following mechanisms:

  1. It Affects the neuroendocrine system to improve ovulation

    Various large studies have shown that repeated acupuncture in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and other undefined ovulatory dysfunction has long-lasting benefits without negative side-effects.
    The underlying mechanism is due to better regulation of the female hormone system, as well as increasing the ovarian blood flow due to its action on the peripheral and central nervous system. In studies of patients with metabolic syndrome, acupuncture has also demonstrated benefits of weight reduction and menstrual improvement.

  2. It Improves the outcomes of IVF through;
    • increasing uterine blood flow
      Acupuncture reduces impedance to blood flow and increase uterine blood flow. This has been demonstrated through subfertile women, who has undergone acupuncture, objectively they has decreased high uterine artery pulsatility index which was sustained for 10-14 days after therapy (a high index is associated with decreased pregnancy rate after IVF).

    • Inhibiting uterine motility
      Acupuncture at acupuoint Hegu has been shown to inhibit uterine movement through reducing a special enzyme (COX-2) in the uterus. Increased uterine contractions on the day of embryo transfer might reduce the pregnancy.

    • Improve stress, anxiety and depression associated with infertility
      Acupuncture relieves stress, anxiety and depression. Researchers found that acupuncture patients report less anxiety post-transfer, feelings of relaxation was reported in 86% of patients following acupuncture. Acupuncture is suspected to modulate stress hormones, by increased production of happy hormones(-endorphin).
  3. Improving the immune system
    It is suggested that acupuncture improves IVF by modulating immune factors, such as cytokines. The modulation is acted both locally and throughout the body as it is important for successful implantation and pregnancy

  4. Improving male fertility
    Male fertility accounts for half of all cases of infertility and affect one in 20 men. Reported 20% of men seek assistance from alternative medicine including acupuncture.
    Multiple studies show a combination of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine improve semen quality, hormone profile and pregnancy rate. The underlying mechanisms for the benefits are currently under research.

Acupuncture Treatment Plan during IVF

At Natural Health Paradise we offer a number of different acupuncture programs for IVF support, all of which is designed to:

  1. Optimise you chances of pregnancy and more importantly having a live birth

  2. Increase blood flow to your reproductive organs

  3. Reduce stress and enhance your health and general well-being

Our acupuncture treatment plans includes - Preconception programs- once a week acupuncture for about 4 weeks. Twice a week acupuncture in the lead up to IVF transfer.

A recent meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal found that patients undergoing IVF, acupuncture increased the odds of live birth by 65%. At the same time some other studies showed no benefit of acupuncture during IVF treatment. In the unsuccessful trials, acupuncture was not given according to principle resulting in unsuccessful cases. Therefore it is important in selecting an acupuncturist who has specialized training in reproductive medicine and experience in the field.

IVF Acupuncture Cost:

      Fertility initial consultation (couples) $80


      Fertility Acupuncture $70


    Special Offer: Fertility initial consultation and Acupuncture $130

Traditional Chinese Medicine

IVF and Chinese Herbs

'Using IVF to obtain the good seed and taking Chinese herbs to get ready the soil so the plant grows very well Dr. Yang Yi Fan
IVF technique can be referred to as obtaining a quality seed. The body constitution and uterus can be referred to as the soil.

If you have a quality seed without having a fertilised soil, you cannot grow a good plant. As the seeding spout is unable to grow. That is why having IVF only may result in a success rate which is much lower than IVF combined with Chinese herbs and Acupuncture.

Thus the treatments recultivate the soil and helps the body and uterus fertilized, ready for conception.

In my clinic, many patients undertake the combined treatment with very good success rates.


      Prepared Chinese herbs $35/week


    Traditional Raw herbs from $42/week

The Combined Treatment during IVF

  1. Start oral contraceptive pills for IVF
    In general before the first month, patients need to take the oral pills to allow the ovaries to rest and regulate the hormones. During this month, the patient should be supported with Acupuncture and specific Chinese-herbal formulas to pacify the liver, nourish blood and relax the ovaries.

  2. Stimulation of ovaries for IVF
    Two to three days after the menstrual cycle begins, the ovaries are stimulated with follistim, Gonal-F, and Repronex, which function like FSH and LH in order to produce more follicles. At this stage, Acupunctue and special Chinese herbal fomula should be used to tonify kidney essence. Fortify the spleen Qi, nourish blood and calm the body. This helps to produce more qualified follicles and thicken the uterine lining.

  3. Before the transfer of embryos for IVF
    Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is especially helpful in this stage. The specific Chinese herbal formula can help slightly dilate the cervical opening in order to more easily transfer the embryos into the uterus. It also helps calm the patient, relaxing the uterus. Therefore, when the transfer is being performed, the patient is less likely to experience cramping and uterine contractions, thus helping the embryo implantation.

  4. After the transfer of embryos for IVF
    After the successful transfer of embryos, it is important to use acupuncture and specific Chinese herbs to assist blood circulation in the uterus, maintain implantation of the embryo and nourish embryo growth. Relaxing the uterus prevents uterine contractions that could cause bleeding and miscarriage.

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