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Servicing area: Launceston area Tasmania

Toni Green - Natural Health Solutions - Herbal Medicine - Iridology - Natural Fertility - Nutrition

NATURAL HEALTH SOLUTIONS - Look Great - Feel Fantastic Ph: 0431716601

Natural Health Solutions - Herbal Medicine - Iridology - Natural Fertility - Nutrition


I have been in practise as a Medical Herbalist and Iridologist for over 20 years.
Herbal Medicine (also known as Botanical Medicine) works with a fundamental philosophy that incorporates a holistic approach to the management of all health problems. I focus on the unique and individual health needs of you as a person, always choosing the least invasive therapeutic approach. Only natural herbs and supplements are used, which ensures a safe, vibrant, and effective treatment.

What to expect from your first consultation?

During your first consultation you will be given individual attention and time, as we discuss together, your health needs and concerns, as well as the goals you have for achieving optimum wellness. Together we also look at the role that you can play in your own healing process. A comprehensive health assessment will be taken which includes your past medical history, as well as other factors such as lifestyle, diet, stress levels and exercise.

A comprehensive Iridology assessment will be incorporated into your consultation. This assessment will be discussed with you, giving you the opportunity to have any questions you may have answered.

Your treatment will include identifying and treating the underlying cause of your illness, rather than just treating the symptoms. You will be provided with excellent information and support to improve your understanding of your own unique health needs, allowing you to take charge of your own healing process, with positive food choices, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements.

HERBAL MEDICINE - - Imagine a more healthy, vibrant you

Herbal Medicine is the most ancient and diverse system of medicine, using only natural and safe plant based products. One of Herbal Medicine’s most beautiful benefits is it’s ability to cleanse and restore tone and vitality to your body. It has been demonstrated, both traditionally and scientifically, to be a very safe and effective treatment for many, if not most, health problems.

In my clinic you will be prescribed Herbal Medicine in the form of either tablets, liquid formula’s or in the topical application of creams and ointments.

All treatments are tailored to yours specific and individual needs. The Herbal Remedy is prepared specifically for you. No two remedies are the same. I do not use ready-made formulas.

Herbal Medicine can alleviate many health problems including:

* Stress
* Migraine
* IBS / Food Allergies
* Hormonal Imbalances
* Infertility
* Pregnancy / Birth Support
* Women’s Health
* Digestive Disorders
* Immune Health
* Eczema / Dermatitis
* Fatigue
* Men’s Health
* Arthritis
* Sports Injury Pain
* Anxiety / Depression
* Insomnia
* Menopause Symptoms
* Children’s Health
* Psoriasis
* Cardiovascular Health

IRIDOLOGY - - What do your eyes say?

Iridology is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that examines the patterns, colours, and other significant characteristics of the iris. This information can then be used to assess your susceptibility to certain illnesses, to reflect past or present medical problems, or advise you on a health problem that may be developing that you might not yet be aware of. One of the goals of Iridology is to recognise health issues at their earliest stages. Once this is recognised, I will work at helping you strengthen your body to prevent disease from developing.

NUTRITION - - Imagine being your ideal weight, looking and feeling fabulous

Optimum nutrition is needed to balance protein, carbohydrate and fat intake, as well as to ensure an adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This balance effects our overall health and wellbeing , as well as our energy levels, hormones, metabolism, weight loss and detoxification. By understanding the impact diet has on our health and well being, we work together to achieve a balanced diet that will ensure you have both abundant energy, and a healthy body.

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I am available to run hands-on workshops or to speak at your club, meeting, organisation or business on any topic of your choice relating to Natural Therapies. Some of the most popular workshop / speaking topics include:

• The Issues of Life: Menopause and Beyond
• Anti-ageing Secrets: Live Longer and Better
• Mind Matters: Stress, Sleep and the Mind
• Mindful Living: Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrition for Health
• Energy, Weight Control and Digestion
• Home Remedies for Common Ailments
• Iridology: The Window of the Soul
• Ageing Well: Regaining Strength, Health and Vitality
• Reclaim: Foundations for Better Living
• Detoxification for Mind, Body and Home
• Natures Super-foods: You are What you Eat
• Mothers Love - Giving Baby and Child The Best Start in Life
• Confident Healing: Women’s Health Issues
• Courageous Healing: Men’s Health Issues
• Herbal Folklore: The Beautiful Beginning
• Making Creams and Natural Remedies
• Organic Beauty: Look & Feel Gorgeous Naturally
• The Soul Connection: Renewing Mind, Body & Spirit
• The Healing Power of Food: How Food Choices Affect our Health
• Healing Herbs
• The Healing Garden: Growing your own Medicine
• Ancient Beauty Secrets
• Reflective Living – Practical steps for a happier life
• Restful Sleep: Overcoming Insomnia
• Finding Inner Peace: Dealing with stress, anxiety and depression
• The Secret Language of Flowers: Flower Remedies
• Naturopathic Foundations for Living

GIFT VOUCHERS: - Show someone you care !

Show someone you care by giving them a gift voucher for a COMPLETE HEALTH ASSESSMENT. Vouchers can be written for any amount and can be used for consultations or for the purchase of products.

CLINIC FEES: - $80 for 1 hour consultations (includes Iridology diagnosis)

APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE: -Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Please phone the clinic on 0431716601 to make an appointment


Bachelor of Health Science (University of New England)
Diploma of Medical Herbalism
Diploma of Advanced Iridology
Diploma of Food Therapy
Diploma of Toxicology
Diploma of Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Drugs
Diploma of Complementary Medical Science
Diploma of Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine
Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment
Member National Herbalist Association of Australia

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