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We offer thorough clinical testing to find the root cause of your health concerns.

Natural Pain Solutions - Clinical Testing

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Arthritis Colitis Crohn's disease Hormonal imbalance Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Muscle pain

Clinical Testing


Natural Pain Solutions places great importance on clinical testing, specifically when searching for solutions to chronic issues. Tests allow us the ability to accurately highlight imbalances and deficiencies, providing us with crucial information about the underlying cause of your health issue.

Disease and health conditions do just appear out of nowhere – as they are typically a result of many years of dietary choices that do not suit your body, exposure to toxins and a range of other factors play a role.

Our variety of naturopathic tests differ from medical testing as we do not concentrate on looking for a disease state, but rather focus on identifying vitamin and mineral deficiencies, nutritional imbalances, exposure to toxins and heavy metals, the presence of food, parasites and environmental sensitivities. When you can feel that something isn’t quite right, but your doctor’s tests are coming up negative, our tests will provide you with an accurate understanding of your current level of health, and the power to take effective action.

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