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Naturopath, Shirley Wood, has been using colonic irrigation (also known as hydrotherapy) for nearly 40 years to treat the problems of people of all ages associated with the digestive system.

Trained by her grandfather, Dr Robert A Wood, Shirley matches her grandfather’s expertise with the use of his gravity-based ‘closed’ system of cleansing the colon (large intestine) with warm water to restore health.

Colonic irrigation is a safe, hygienic method of removing accumulated waste from the colon and has been practised all over the world for about 3000 years.

Why use Dr Robert Wood’s gravity based system?

Dr Robert Wood’s closed system method is a most effective and safe way to cleanse the colon. This ‘closed’ system means that the water and waste exit your body through a tube, ensuring there is no odour or risk of evacuated waste touching your body. A sterilised, custom-made stainless steel rectal speculum, with a rounded end, is used. Unlike the commonly used plastic, long, thin and sharp speculums, Shirley Wood’s customised speculums are designed for ultimate safety.

Dr Robert Wood’s method of colon hydrotherapy treatment relies on natural gravity to enable water to move gently in and out of your body. No motors or pumps are used to force water out of your body. Supported by Shirley’s gentle massage, the repeated low-pressure water flow will cleanse the entire colon and stimulate the bowel’s natural peristaltic action that pushes waste through the colon. After your colonic treatment you will feel lighter and energised.

What are some of the many benefits of colon hydrotherapy?

The colon has reflex points to all organs of the body, so a healthy colon is vital to overall health. Throughout Shirley’s decades as a practitioner of bowel cleansing and health, she has used colonic irrigation to eliminate the body of toxic waste, which may have been impacted or stuck to the bowel walls for many years.

This cleansing has successfully resulted in:

• Improved health and function of bodily organs
• Reduction or elimination of skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis
• Elimination of headaches and mind ‘fog’
• Better sleeping patterns and relief from lethargy
• Elimination of constipation, gas, bloating and indigestion
• Relief from arthritis and rheumatism
• A lifting of spirit
• Improved sex-drive
• Clear skin and eyes
• Improved weight control
• A reduction of candida and bowel parasites
• Easing of menstrual discomfort

Toxic Overload

Headaches, fatigue and/or nausea that may be experienced during a colonic irrigation are a strong indication of toxic overload. A series of colonics over a few weeks will help to quickly eliminate toxins and restore health.


The price of a colonic irrigation is $90. The session takes 45 to 60 minutes.

Other services at the clinic include:

• A training course to qualify to become a colon hydrotherapy practitioner
• Remedial massage
• Deep tissue massage
• Ear candling wax removal

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