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Ayurveda states that complete Physical, Mental and Social well-being is true health, not merely the absence of disease/ infirmity.

Ayurveda with Dr Naveen and Dr Dhwani in Sydney / Panchakarma Detox



Ayurveda is a holistic natural system of medicine’ meant specially to enhance health and to prevent diseases. Ayurvedic practitioners strongly believe that the overall governing elements of nature Air, Space, Fire, Water & Earth all rule our body.

Ayurveda explained that disease is the absence of vibrant health, irrespective to any physical supportive evidence to label specific disease. If you are becoming aware of signs of imbalances, you need to get these under control before they manifest into something more.

The 3 basic causes for disease are:


    • Pragya apradha: Mistake of intellect


    • AsatmyaIndriyartha Samyoga: Misuse of senses


    • Parinama: Effect of Season

At Nature Care Ayurveda (NCA) we are highly committed to providing true Ayurvedic therapies to heal and to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul by balancing the Doshas, Diet and lifestyle of the client.

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Panchakarma is an amazing invention of Ayurveda to avert and to cure the diseases in purpose to accomplish longevity by changing the body. Panchakarma is one of the most effective curative modalities in Ayurvedic medicine. It is a truly beneficial method of clearing and restoring Psychological and Physical Health by using the time tested clinical systems of Ayurvedic wisdom.

Panchakarma is the specific combination of individual orientated natural treatments to detoxify, refresh, rebalance and rejuvenate the body.  It is an efficient cleaning method that is able to clear built up toxins and restores the body’s deeply held and innate ability to heal itself. The primary elements throughout Panchakarma are Metabolism, Toxins/Metabolic residue (AMA) and Immunity.

Panchakarma includes:


    1. (Poorva Karma) Preparation Of Body


    1. (Pradhan Karma) Cleansing Phase


    1. (Paschata Karma) Rebuilding Phase

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Benefits of Panchakarma


    • Enhances the lustre of the skin


    • Enhances circulation throughout the body


    • Tones internal organs to work efficiently


    • Improves the body’s self-repair mechanisms


    • Relieve physical & emotional Stress


    • Strengthens musculoskeletal system


    • Helps with anxiety and insomnia




Experience Traditional authentic Ayurveda and Yoga in Sydney. Our Ayurvedic experts will help you heal Naturally

  • Panchakarma / Detox
  • Pulse and tongue analysis
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Liver and Gut health
  • Spine and joint care
  • Auto immune disorder
  • chronic disease management
  • Diet and lifestyle plan
  • infertility and sexual health
  • stress management
  • Ayurvedic cooking classes
  • Allergies
  • weight loss
  • Skin and Hair care


Our Ayurvedic Treatments


Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Massage)



It is a profound and deeply relaxing Ayurvedic body massage that uses specific herbal oils that will release built up toxins in the body. An Abhyanga massage will rejuvenate the body by relaxing the nervous system and stimulating the immune system.



Marma Therapy

Marma massage is helps to activate the chakras which are the energy centres of the body and the mind. It will relieve any blockages or obstructions in the circulatory channels to enhance the flow of life in the body. Marma therapy is highly effective for conditions such as memory loss, muscular strain, insomnia, low energy and a range of other physical, mental and emotional conditions.


Shiro Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Head & Shoulder Massage)

This amazing therapy induces a state of peace, calm, clarity and will relieve stiffness, fatigue, insomnia and headaches.

Pada Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Reflexology)

This is a specialised massage that is conducted on the feet. When reflex points are massaged on the feet there is a release of stress, negative energy, fatigue and anxiety.



Shirodhara is the blessing and asset of Ayurveda to mankind. It is an incredible, profound relaxation and rejuvenating therapy, healing people over centuries. A warm herbal oil (more than a litre) gently pouring over third eye the spiritual energy centre of the body along with forehead over a certain duration. This treatment directly impacts on nervous system by calming, relaxing, energizing and tuning body to yourself.

Takradhara/ Ksheerdhara/ Jaladhra

Yogurt mixed with water is medicated with certain herbs. This prepared liquid is called takra in ayurveda. Dhara signifies flow of liquid in the form of a stream. Takra dhara is therefore a gentle flow of medicated buttermilk on the forehead. Takra dhara therapy has a cooling property. Takra dhara ayurvedic treatment cures diseases as well as is a preventive therapy.


Swedana (Herbal sudation Therapy)




A common Ayurvedic practice, swedana is a form of therapy that uses herbal steam to release toxins from the body through the skin. During this therapy, sweat is released through the pores in the skin which release ama, or "toxins," that are rooted deep in the body.

This therapy is thought to relieve muscular tension, restore flexibility, clear energy passages, detoxify the body, and help with muscular inflammation, hypertension, blood pressure and circulation


Nasya Therapy



Nasya is a type of panchakarmaor cleansing practice, commonly used in ayurveda. It involves the administration of medicinal herbs, herb-infused oils or decoctions through the nasal cavity in order to treat various ailments and promote well-being. This is said to be a very soothing and nourishing treatment for the body, which is particularly good to alleviate problems above the collarbone.


Udavartana (Dried powder massage)



Udvartana is an invigorating full body massage done in a rhythmic motion using herbal powder or paste. This therapy is largely recommended for diabetic neuropathy, obesity, paralysis, skin care, sciatica and indigestion among others. This massage also improves muscle tone and circulation apart from cleansing and nourishing the skin. Udvartana is highly recommended for dissolving excessive fat from the body.






The meaning of pizichhil is squeezing. It is a type of sarvangadhara which means ‘a body steam’. Thus, it is steam of oil pouring down on the body. This therapy is associated with multiple benefits and helps in maintaining active body and mind. This therapy help in keeping some disease away from your body.







Kizhi massages work on an age-old philosophy which is based on the confluence of the elements of fire and water combined with specific herbs. When the heated potli is massaged on the body, it opens the pores and relaxes the muscles, allowing the carefully selected herbs to work on the body and mind, the latter being the reason why it is thought of as being very relaxing.


Kati Vasti


 Kati vasti is a popular deep tissue treatment for low back pain and associated health issues. The term Kati basti is formed from two Sanskrit words; kati meaning low back and basti/vasti meaning dam. It gives quick relief and relaxes the muscles of the whole area. This is a unique treatment of low back where a dam filled with warm pain oil is made on your low back. The dam is located at the point of origin of pain, inflammation and/or stiffness.




Greeva Vasti


 Greeva Vasti is a highly specialized kareily Panchkarma therapy which is use to treatment of the diseases related to cervical region/Neck region.

Greeva vasti is a procedure where specified ayurvedic medicated oil is retained for a stipulated period in the Greeva region (Cervical region). The part of the spine that occupies the neck is called the cervical spine. This procedure is unique, which comprises both snehana (oleation) and swedana (sudation) and The deep fomentation of the oil radiates through the Skin, myofacia, muscles and ligament releasing tension and stiffness of whole neck region.


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