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Natureco Health Centre

Servicing Areas Victoria Park and Edgewater
Phone 08 9300 9441 - Edgewater
Mobile 08 9362 3666 - Victoria Park
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From providing professional Kinesiology treatments to completing quality Reflexology sessions - we can do it all!

Kinesiology & Reflexology


Kinesiology has a unique way through its muscle monitoring to indicate imbalances whether they be nutritional, emotional, physical, or spiritual. It uses muscle strengthening applications on the more physical, lymphatic & nutritional issues; defuses deeply held emotional patterns and works with subtle energy restoration using acupressure stimulation & vibrational corrections of the meridian system.

If you were to experience food sensitivities, sleep issues, skin problems, digestive complaints, blood sugar imbalances, crazy hormones or continued physical muscle pain, then Kinesiology could really make a difference for you. If you experience patterns of repeated behaviour that sabotage your goals in life, then Kinesiology can also help you to move forward - you have everything to gain.


Reflexology is based on the principle that reflex areas in the feet, hands and ears relate to the internal organs and other structures of the body. In reflexology pressure is applied to these reflex areas to bring health and balance to the body through the stimulation of its own inherent healing capacity.

Reflexology is known for its ability to quickly relieve stress, harmonise the body and increase immunity - all increasingly important factors for people in all phases of life. Reflexology is a rewarding and fascinating tactile therapy and allows scope for creativity and variety within any therapeutic practice.

Good results relating to pain relief, muscle relaxation, improved digestive processes, improved circulation and lymphatic flow can be obtained very quickly. This makes reflexology an ideal complement to massage and other tactile therapies as well as nursing. It is one of the few natural therapies to be adopted by the nursing profession, and is used increasingly in palliative care, midwifery and aged care.

Basic reflexology techniques can be used by anyone at home to promote balance, reduce stress and manage pain. It also provides a simple way of staying in touch with loved ones in a very non-intrusive way.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

Servicing the following locations

Natureco Health Centre Victoria Park
1053 Albany Highway
Victoria Park Western Australia 6102
Phone: 08 9362 3666

Natureco Health Centre Edgewater
Unit 9
1 The Gateway
Edgewater Western Australia 6027
Phone: 08 9300 9441
All practitioners are professionally qualified and belong to a recognised National body eg. Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Australian Natural Therapies Association, Complementary Medicine Association.


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