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Nature of Health

Deanne Apostolou

1/199 Union st
The Junction NSW 2291

Servicing area: Servicing Greater Newcastle area - inner city Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & surrounding suburbs

Herbal medicine can be used in conjunction with medical treatments you may already be undergoing.

Nature of Health



Herbal Medicine has the capacity to strengthen your physiological functions and stimulate your innate healing abilities. The aim is to restore homoeostasis – a state of balance.

You are unique, however, the symptoms you have may be similar in others. The difference occurs in the true root cause behind these symptoms. I work with you to address these root causes and all treatments are set up in accordance with your lifestyle and other needs. Together we identify what your body needs to live an enriched life in harmony and balance.

Herbal Medicine can help with…

    • Digestion
    • Women’s Health
    • Children’s Health
    • Respiratory Conditions
    • Nutrition
    • Lymphatic Circulation
    • Emotional Support
    • Male Health
    • Immune Health


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I want to help you to live a healthy life. With that achieved, you can live your life to the fullest.

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