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Nature's Balance Chinese Medicine Clinic

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Featured on Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture & Remedial Massage: 

Individualized solutions following Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principle, etc;

Over 20 years of clinical & research experiences;

Practitioner receiving authentic TCM education & training in China further undertaking frontier PhD study in Australia...

Nature's Balance Chinese Medicine Clinic

We are:

Registered Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Registered Chinese Herbal Dispensor

Registered Acupuncturist

Accredited Remedial Massage Therapist


We offer:

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Dispensing

Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping

Meridian Scratch (Gua Sha)

Chinese Massage (Tui Na)

Remedial Massage


Commonly Treated Conditions by TCM:

Pain/Musculoskeletal conditions

Post-stroke complaints

Respiratory conditions, e.g. cough and wheezes

Digestive conditions, e.g. stomach pain, vomit, constipation and diarrhea

Skin conditions, e.g. eczema, acne and psoriasis

Gynaecological conditions, e.g. irregular menstruation including amenia and menalgia

Adjunct healthcare on infertility, IVF support and fertility assist

Impotence, prospermia and issues related to prostate  enlargement

Infantile/children's healthcare, e.g. anorexia, diarrhea and enuresis

Emotional conditions, e.g. anxiety and stress

Hay fever, allergies, rhinitis and sinusitis

Sub-healthy: fatigue, chills, insomnia, forgetfulness, overweight, night sweat, quit smoking, etc.

We offer treatments for other conditions as well. Please contact Dr. Shiqiang Deng to find out how Chinese medicine can help your health and well-being.


About Dr. Shiqiang Deng:

Dr. Deng received his Bachelor of Medicine from Shanghai University of TCM (SUTCM) in China, and completed his PhD study at RMIT University in Australia. He was awarded the First-division Prize from China Academy of TCM. He has published up to 20 peer-reviewed publications in Australia, China, Germany and UK. He has also served as a review for the SCI journal - Phytotherapy Research.

Dr. Deng has over 20 years of experiences on Chinese Medicine and its Intgration with Medicine. He practiced, did research and trained the medical professionals at Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fu Dan University, which is ranked in Top 10 Hospitals in China. He has rich experience of local TCM  practice in Melbourne.

In addition to the extensive experiences on orthopeadic and skin conditions e.g. joint/soft tissues injury, eczema, urticarial and psoriasis, Dr. Deng has special interest and/or unique understanding on the conditions else e.g. fatigue, chills, insomnia, forgetfulness, stress, headache, migraine, post-stroke complaints, hay fever, rhinitis, cough, diarrhea, constipation, impotence, prospermia, irregular menstruation, IVF support, pediatric enuresis/torticollis and quit smoking.




Qualification details

1. Bachelor of Medicine (Shanghai University of TCM, China); 2. Doctor of Philosophy (RMIT University, Australia)

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