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Nature's Temple

Trudy Kither

(Corner of Margaret Street)
2 Little Main St
Palmwoods QLD 4555

Servicing area: Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Hinterland

Nature's Temple

Naturopath, Nutrition, Iridology & Herbal Medicine. There is now an Online Herbal Dispensary for online shopping (, delivered to your door anywhere in Australia, 2/7. Nature's Temple is located at Palmwoods in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Nature's Temple - Tests Available

    • Food Allergen & Sensitivity Testing (96 General Foods Test, Common Allergen Testing)


    • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis


    • Female Hormones


    • Male Hormones


    • Adrenal Stress plus Night Profile


    • Thyroid


    • Oestrogen Metabolites


    • Candida


    • Neurotransmitters


    • Diurinal Cortisol & Metabolite Profile


    • Glucose / Ketones / pH 24


    • Fatty Acids Profile


    • Organic Acids: Metabolic Profile


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Nature's Temple