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Lisa Fiocchini - Naturo Health Care

Lisa Fiocchini

Hawthorn SA 5062

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Lisa Fiocchini - Naturo Health Care

Lisa Fiocchini is a dedicated practitioner to Natural Health.

Lisa has worked as a Registered Nurse for over 11 years in Adelaide and Sydney Hospitals. During this time Lisa has specialised her skills thorugh post graduate studies in the field of Cardiac Nursing including diabetes and weight loss from Children to Adults.

Lisa Specialises her Medical approach with Nutritional advice to achieve complete health assessment and promotion.

Lisa works within her own clinic in Hawthorn as a Naturopathic practitioner. Once a week is dedicated to the up and coming Naturopaths where Lisa Lectures and Supervisors them through clinical skills in their final year of their Nutritional and Herbal Medicine degree.

Lisa Fiocchini works as a Naturopath / Nutritionist with Food as Medicine in all treatment plans.

Initial Nutrition Assessment

This Assessment will take the full hour, I will be asking health questions from birth to now to put together a picture of your health. I use Iridology, Tongue analysis, face analysis and nail analysis as part of my initial consult. 

Follow up to keep on track

Follow up consultations are to follow up with your food diary, changes in your weight, Iridology, Energy and health are all documented and all questions answered.

Food Sensitivities

Designed by following the highly reputable Royal Prince Alfred diet with recipes, IgG testing and Naturopathic assessment to put together a meal plan that best suits you. Followed up with follow up half hour consultations.

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Lisa Fiocchini - Naturo Health Care