Dr Jennifer Davis (PhD) Healing Earth Naturopathy & Wellness

Dr Jennifer Davis

222 Point Cook rd
Point Cook VIC 3030

Focus area: Diabetes testing Blood analysis ...
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We Treat All Kinds of Illnesses & Age, Digestive Complications, Hormonal Issues, Infertility, Acne, Menopause, Libido, Candida, Cysts, Hair Loss, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Immunity, Multiple Sclerosis, Emotional support, Food Intolerances, Nutrition, Weight Loss and lots more...

We also have modular educational courses on these modalities.

Dr Jennifer Davis (PhD) Healing Earth & Naturopath World

About Dr Jen


As a renowned and highly respected Lecturer in Universities, a Pilates/Yoga, Gyrotonic Trainer and a practitioner, Dr Jen actively encourages and conducts remedial therapies, introducing and advising new ways to clients.

Dr Jen looks to help clients from all different walks of life and with different perspectives. Life itself has a lot of obligations, barriers, and obstacles (health issues).

Dr Jen is able to engage and understand people and works tirelessly to help the community through her profession and her voluntary work. It is her passion to bring people together and help them to recognise their true potential and open up their minds to the universe at large and become aware of the healing power of nature.



Qualification details

PHD Nutrition and Food Chemistry,, Bchs (Hnrs) Food Science, Bchs (Hnrs) Psychology, Adv Dip Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy & Kinesiology, Cert IV Yoga, Masters in Information Technology and Adv Dip Hotel & Restaurant Management.

Service categories

This practitioner provides online consults
Dr Jennifer Davis (PhD) Healing Earth Naturopathy & Wellness