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Naturopath Victoria Point, Redlands- Garry Borman

Servicing area: Victoria Point and all of the Redlands, Queensland

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Feel Great Again!

Wellness is not just an absence of disease, don't accept feeling average or substandard.

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Naturopath Victoria Point, Redlands - Garry Borman


Offering naturopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine treatments, as well as allergy testing and live blood screening to treat a range of conditions.

Feeling Great Naturally is the clinic of Garry Borman. Garry has become a well known Naturopath in the greater Brisbane community- with regular appearances on Brisbane talkback radio 1116 4BC as well as in great demand for corporate presentations and other media. Garry's education includes qualification as a Naturopath and post graduate studies in Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine. Garry graduated with high distinctions in all of his clinical education subjects. In 2008 Garry was awarded the prize for Clinical Excellence in Herbal Medicine. Garry's reputation has become well known throughout Brisbane, from his development of herbal products- boosting the immune system and digestive relief. Garry is involved in continuous education and development of new therapeutic products. This keeps Garry at the leading edge of new treatment products and protocols.

Our Clinic

Situated in Victoria Point, we are conveniently located on a major road with plenty of off street parking and regular bus services running past our door. In the clinic, we have 2 large treatment rooms to allow for patients to relax and have treatments on our machines or be in private consultation.

Some of the leading edge treatment and screening devices include;
  • Live Blood Screening
  • RIFE machine
  • Quantum analysis device
  • Sensitivity testing
  • Computerised Iridology

Speciality areas include;

  • Digestive problems
  • Immunity
  • Chronic fatigue/low energy/exhaustion
  • Allergies and skin problems
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Hormonal issues male and female
  • Athletic improvement
Using the latest techniques from Germany and educated by the best in the English speaking world, it is amazing what you can see when you know what you are looking at. So many times you hear that the blood test results are normal - but you still feel bad ! Quite simply if you can find the cause, you can fix the problem, and this is the basis of our treatment - find the cause and fix issues for good.

About your Practitioner - Garry Borman

ND,BHSc( Herbal Med),ANTA

Garry is a dedicated qualified Naturopath, committed to helping people achieve their goals to gain optimum wellness and vitality, to enjoy life and Feel Great Naturally. For Garry it is all about combining scientific knowledge with traditional natural healing, and empowering his clients to take responsibility and control over their own health. In a consultation he will address the causes of the illness, rather than simply treat or suppress symptoms. Garry will take into account your physical, mental and emotional levels and will design a treatment program especially for you. Garry will provide you with the guidance and support to eliminate your problems and return you to a state of health that you forgot was even possible. The First Visit can last approximately 90 minutes and consists of an extensive health history and a discussion of your present health concerns. These details are required in order to fully understand everything about you and your health. Subsequent appointments may last between 30 and 60 minutes, as we monitor the effectiveness of the prescribed treatments or expand on the treatment plan. The number and frequency of subsequent visits depend on the severity of your condition and how long you have had it. Follow-up visits are critical for Garry to monitor your progress and ensure your goals can be met.

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Naturopath Garry Borman from Feeling Great Naturally, Brisbane

Naturopath Victoria Point, Redlands- Garry Borman