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Naturopath Victoria Point, Redlands- Garry Borman

Servicing area: Victoria Point and all of the Redlands, Queensland

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Trying to lose weight can be one of the hardest things you ever do.

Been to the gym, got a personal trainer and still the results don’t come?

Tried all the shakes and programs just to find the weight comes back?

Garry Borman - Weight Loss and Nutrition

We take a totally different approach to weight loss and want to help you keep it off. If you look good, we look good and will even give you a written guarantee.

Because everybody is different and the reasons for your weight gain vary, we have multiple approaches to weight loss. You will never be told to simply replace a couple of meals with shakes, eat more protein and exercise more.

Do you know why between 80% and 90% of people who do those pharmacy shake programs lose weight only to have it return with interest? It’s because they never learn to address the reason for the weight gain in the first place. As soon as they stop the expensive shakes and fibre and soups and and and... they fall back into their old habits and back comes the weight.

We look at things differently to all those pharmacy and gym one plan fits all approaches.

Our approaches

  1. Ruling out food sensitivities.
    Did you know that if you routinely consume foods your body does not like you can gain weight just by holding fluid? Did you know every litre of fluid is a kilo?
    By working with your body we increase the rate of success.
    Success story 1
    By taking out a few commonly consumed foods, one patient lost 25Kg without exercise!

    Success story 2
    Just by stopping a daily cappuccino, we were able to drop 10% body weight

  2. A healthy eating plan
    Our Feeling Great Diet is one that we say ‘everybody loses weight on it’ because it is very rare not to see people drop several kilograms just by eating within our guidelines. You can consume as much as you want because it is all the right foods and you still tend to lose weight.
    Success story
    Just by implementing a healthy eating plan, skin problems cleared, allergies disappeared and lost over 10kg!

  3. Working with your hormones
    Hormones control our body and determine whether you lose or gain weight, hungry not hungry and how fast your body runs. Because most people don’t think twice about hormones, they remain on a vicious cycle of problem weight gain.
    We work with your hormones to help you get the weight off and keep the weight off.

  4. Regular checks
    It has been proven that those who have regular meetings tend to lose more weight and stay committed to programs than those who are left on their own. We like to see you regularly and discuss the successes and any challenges you might have had.
When you are ready to make a change come and see us and we will decide on the best strategy for you.

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Naturopath Garry Borman from Feeling Great Naturally, Brisbane

Naturopath Victoria Point, Redlands- Garry Borman