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Naturoway - Naturopathy & Fitness

Julie Curran

47 Helene St
Ardeer VIC 3022

Servicing area: Ardeer and Footscray, Victoria

Naturoway - Naturopathy & Fitness

Get better results, faster by including
exercise in your health regime.
Whether it be to burn fat, build
muscle or improve your mental health…
exercise is important for everyone!

Naturoway - Fitness

Are you unfit, overweight, lacking energy or easily out of breath?

As a highly-qualified expert in multiple disciplines, I can design your training program, improve your exercise technique and prescribe exercise progressions, whilst providing dietary and supplementation advice, so that you can get better and faster results.

I use a variety of training methods, including personal training, indoor and outdoor group training sessions and boxing classes to keep the sessions fun and exciting.

Measurements, body composition analysis and fitness assessments are performed to track your progress. Professional body composition scales are used to calculate the amount of fat, muscle, bone and water you have, to accurately determine the amount of actual body fat you lose and muscle mass you gain.

Private health fund rebates may apply, depending on the level of your cover. Enquire within.

Children of all ages are welcome to attend the training sessions.

Professional courses are performed regularly, so I am kept up-to-date with the latest in health and fitness research, providing you with expert training advice to achieve optimal fitness results.

Benefits of exercise:

    • Increases your resting metabolic rate, so you burn more fat while you rest

    • Boosts your energy and stamina

    • Improves your mental health, mood and sleep patterns

    • May regulate your appetite

    • Improves posture and flexibility

    • Strengthens your pelvic floor muscles before and after child-birth

    • Reduces your risk of disease and ill-health, including diabetes, osteoporosis and hypertension

    • Improves your quality of life and social life

    • Protects you from muscle and joint injury

    • Improves your self-esteem and physical image


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