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Naturoway - Naturopathy & Fitness

Speaking from one Mum to another,
I know how hard it is to stay on top of
your health and fitness, when you're
busy looking after your children!

Naturoway - Wella-Mumma

Who says you can’t be Well AND a great Mum?!

The Wella-Mumma program has been designed to:

  • Get your mind and body ready to fall pregnant;

  • Support your body during pregnancy and labour;

  • Help you get back in shape after giving birth;

  • Increase your strength so you don't injure your back when lifting your pram into the car;

  • Improve your mood, to prevent post-natal depression;

  • Promote sleep and energy levels, so you can breeze through your pregnancy and enjoy your children;

  • Boost immunity, to avoid spreading illness throughout the home.

Top quality Practitioner grade supplements are prescribed to make sure you and your baby are getting adequate nutrients.

Exercise intensity is performed at your own pace, so you can gradually build up to prevent injury.

Children of all ages are welcome to attend the Naturopathy and Personal Training sessions.

Private health fund rebates may apply, depending on the level of your cover. Enquire within.


To find out more about the Wella-Mumma Program,
Give me a call on 0422 684 052 or send me a message
by clicking on the 'Make an Enquiry' button now.

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