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The Hall of FITNESS

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Welcome to The Hall of FITNESS

The Hall of Fitness is a boxing gym designed for group boxing circuits and individual boxing technique for fitness and self-defence purposes, where all boxing disciplines are met with the utmost quality and attention to detail to enable our clients to develop their techniques in boxing a genuine sense of achievement and, most importantly, fun!

Our personal training studio offers the most effective equipment, as well as modern exercise programmes based around core strength, posture and technique to enable safe and effective results.

Our qualified trainers, with over 15 years experience in the fitness industry, will empower you with their knowledge in strength training, Pilates, rehabilitation, weight loss, mind power and control, cardiovascular fitness and speed, nutritional guidance and programming, plus so much more that will help you through everyday life of human movement.

Personalised Programs

Our personalised programmes are designed for individuals seeking specific needs such as injury rehabilitation, weight loss, weight gain, strength, stamina, postural adjustment, speed, or just general fitness.

Once you have filled out our medical screening questionnaire online so we can determine your objectives and goals, a six-week programme is then designed to suit, with all factors taken into consideration, e.g. working hours, lifestyle, fitness level, goals, complications, duration times, frequency, etc. This way you’ll get a tangible, achievable, realistic programme.

A tailored programme will give you the correct tools you need to accomplish your goal with minimal effort and maximum results. All you have to do is follow the programme to assure your results. If you need extra support or have questions concerning your programme, communicate via phone or email. We can send a trainer to you to demonstrate your programme, or you can order a demo video for personal use.

Jeff Hall – Founder/Director, The Hall of Fitness

Greetings and welcome to my world, The Hall of Fitness. I am a dedicated fitness professional with a competitive background in various sports. I represented Auckland, New Zealand in track and field, as well as rugby union, for five years. Those memorable years became my inspiration to follow my desire to be involved in the fitness industry, where I knew it was so much a part of the character I am. I have spent the past 15 years in physical training, eight of which I devoted to martial arts to develop the discipline within myself to become a successful fitness professional. My knowledge is extensive. Combined with my experience, it has led me to work with hundreds of individuals and many groups. I am best known for working with Ajay Rochester from The Biggest Loser’s online Healthy Body Club, holding a most satisfying position as her boot camp trainer on the Gold Coast.

If I were to describe my characteristics, my clients would all agree I ooze PASSION, PATIENCE, INTEGRITY and UNDERSTANDING of their goals as individuals. I believe everyone has the potential to be GREAT, therefore it gives me GREAT pleasure motivating them as I watch them achieve their goals. I have spent many years building my well-respected reputation as a leader in my field around my ability to communicate with, accurately gauge my clients’ needs and motivate them in all aspects of their lives, by teaching them firstly how to simply use the power of their minds. The facts show that with mind power, YOU can achieve ANYTHING! It makes me proud to see the incredible transformation of so many of the individuals and groups I have had the pleasure of working with. The constant positive responses I hear, to the incredible letters of gratitude I receive, often draw a tear of joy and satisfaction down my face. It’s a great feeling, and it drives me to strive for better results in others. After all, YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH. Without your health, what do you have?


I first met Jeff Hall in July 2007 through a boot camp he runs in conjunction with a website I’d just joined called Healthy Body Club. The boot camps were advertised as being for all levels of fitness so, even though I was still fairly severely overweight at the time, I’d been going to a different gym (on and off, mostly off!) for about eight months and I thought I’d be OK. Boy, was I wrong about my fitness, and it took me about three minutes to realise it when even the brisk walk that we used for warm-ups sent my heart rate shooting up over 175bpm, partly through unfitness, but also partly through sheer terror at what I’d got myself into! Anyway, the boot camp didn’t really improve much for me from then on – it was incredibly hard. I coughed and wheezed for about an hour afterwards as if I had asthma (I don’t!), but I survived it thanks to Jeff taking things very easy on me.
Had it been any other trainer taking this boot camp, I am pretty sure I’d have gone running screaming in the opposite direction and never, ever gone back for more, because it wasn’t a very positive experience for me, but fast forward to two months later. My gym membership was coming up for renewal. I didn’t want to keep paying for something that wasn’t working for me. I was bored stiff with always working out by myself and I was extremely unmotivated, but I knew I had to do something before I regained the 17kg of weight I’d worked hard to lose. I visited several gyms in my area and none of them felt right, and only as an afterthought I visited Jeff’s gym, Hall of Fitness. This has turned out to be the best decision I could have made!

When I started at Hall of Fitness, I had never boxed in my life, nor done any exercise classes (other than water aerobics!). There was so much I couldn’t do at first, but Jeff was never anything but incredibly patient with me, helping me see that it was about doing the best I could do within my own limits. For the first three months or so I spent many, many hours simply riding an exercise bike because Jeff advised it was safer for me to do so because it would not impact badly on my joints the way weight-bearing exercise would have. I started attending boxing classes and, though I had been quite fearful about how I would handle them physically and mentally, found I could do them after all. Not only Jeff, but also his associate trainers such as Mandy were so helpful and encouraging, which in turn helped me to feel more relaxed and comfortable. More importantly, I started to see that exercise could be fun! I’d spent most of my life loathing exercise and going out of my way to avoid doing it, but I enjoyed the boxing so much, both the exercise itself and the social aspect of exercising with others in a class situation. In a matter of weeks I started to see significant improvements in my fitness. At one stage, through my own inexperience with exercise, I sustained an injury, but even that did not stop my progress. Jeff was brilliant in helping me recover from the injury. His many years of experience in the PT field and qualifications as a masseur were absolutely invaluable.

While improving my fitness was certainly an important goal for me in joining Hall of Fitness, losing weight was the main outcome I hoped to achieve, and from the moment I started training with Jeff I have lost weight consistently, steadily and safely. My grand total stands at 41kg so far, 24kg of which I have lost since Jeff has been my trainer. Jeff has given me invaluable ongoing assistance with finetuning my eating plan and encouraging me when my weight loss has temporarily slowed. I have every confidence that I am finally going to reach my goal weight with Jeff and Hall of Fitness fighting in my corner, so to speak!

When I think back now, that day I decided to walk into Jeff’s gym was a crucial turning point for me. If I hadn’t made the decision to give Hall of Fitness a try, I think I would have continued on my negative downward spiral of regaining the weight that I had lost and having to start all over again, like I have already done so many times in my life. It’s impossible to overstate just how important Jeff’s role has been in helping me turn my life back around. As I write this today, I look back to where I was a few short months ago, and I know how much I have changed in both my attitude and appearance. I am fitter than I’ve ever been in my life already and I want to become fitter still. I enjoy exercise and I make it a priority in my life because it gives me a natural high that no chocolate bar ever could. J I feel so much stronger and more capable than I ever have, and I could never have imagined that exercise could have so many great fringe benefits! I believe Jeff Hall is a brilliant trainer and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody who wants to make a difference to their health and fitness, but especially to anybody in a situation like the one I was in. His dedication and passion for what he does are truly inspiring and they have certainly brought out the best in me.

Debbie Couglan

I just wanted to put my gratitude in writing to thank you for helping my recent transformation.

As you know, it was only about 5 months ago I started attending the classes you run at Hall of Fitness and the results are really starting to show. I have now lost a little over 20kgs. I know that while losing that weight I have most certainly gained muscle, so there is no doubt that I have lost a lot more than 20kgs of fat. What I find astounding is just how much my strength and fitness have improved; I really do feel about 15 years younger.

The way you genuinely care about me and what I am trying to do has motivated me to actually achieve something in terms of weight loss and fitness rather than just going through the motions. I had been attending another gym and the classes at that gym consisted of the exact same routine with some minor variations. I found that once I could complete that class quite comfortably, any real benefit was reduced. I also became quite bored with the repetitive nature of those classes.

The way in which you demonstrate how to make the most of your classes and adapt the individual components within those classes to suit the needs and interests of each class member have, without doubt, made a real difference for me. Your training methods, genuine interest and passion for what you do continually inspire me to keep going.

Please feel free to show others this letter as I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants to make a genuine difference to their fitness but have struggled in the past to find a trainer who genuinely cares for the people he trains.

Kind regards,

Trevor Arthurson


Cert IV Training and assessment
Cert IV Personal training
Rehabilitation Dip
Pilates mat cert
Massage Dip
1ST Q Shotokan karate
Boxing trainers course provider
Group exercise instructor- boot camps

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