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Today's answer to stress, depression & anxiety

Neurosymmetry - NeurOptimal

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Decision making Loss Well-being Stress management Nervous system Relaxation

The NeurOptimal neurofeedback brain training program is revolutionising the area of mental health. NeurOptimal allows the brain to optimise its own performance by enabling it to know exactly what it is doing. The neuroplasticity of the brain (ability to reorganise and repair itself) is utilised to improve its own ability to function and overcome issues. Thus, you are able to get along better and more smoothly in everyday life.

For the vast majority of us, suffering as we are the stresses of extremely busy, modern lives, Neurosymmetry offers both relaxation and optimal mind and central nervous system training which empowers us to work at greater productivity levels. This is not a treatment but rather a training and improvement program.

The mind is trained to comprehend its own processes and take that information to improve its performance. This is a safe, gentle, non-invasive and effective procedure that is customised to you and puts you back in control of your life.

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2 Services

Neurofeedback (brain training) for mental well being and resilience.

$100 Per session

Neurofeedback is a relaxing way to improve your mental flexibility and quality of life. It is used by many people to overcome anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD and ADHD. Elite athletes use it to improve performance.

Neurofeedback Rental Systems

8hr 20min
Biofeedback Mindfulness Neurofeedback
$1150 Per course

A neurofeedback rental system offers clients the ability to train at home. With unlimited sessions available over the four week rental period the entire family is able to train, improving family well-being and harmony.


  • Certified Neuroptimal Neurofeedback Practitioner

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