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Member since 2010

Natural Medicine Leura

Julie Head
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The aim of Natural Medicine Leura is to empower people to take responsibility for their health through natural diet and lifestyle choices and use natural medicine to achieve good health, happiness and longevity.

Natural Medicine Leura

Welcome to Natural Medicine Leura

Natural Medicine Leura specialises in:
    Diet & Lifestyle
    Health and Wellness Retreats
    Awareness Workshops and Seminars
    Natural Cancer Support
    Prevention and Wellness
    Ageing Naturally
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Immune Repair
    Heavy Metal Detox
    Mother and Children's Health
    Ayurvedic Psychology and Counselling
    Natural Menopause

Truth is knowledge and knowledge is power. We aim to provide information, truth, and increase the awareness of those who are seeking empowerment, good health, longevity, happiness, liberation and freedom.

Natural Medicine Leura Services include:

Health Analysis - Includes Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle analysis, tongue & pulse examination, vitality & longevity assessment (VLA), sclerology & iridology assessement and suggestions on how to improve your health. Duration 1.5 hours $50.00 (incl GST)

Hair Analysis - Measurement of mineral and heavy metals in the body, readings of Thyroid, Adrenals, allergies, nutritional imbalances, infection rate and sugar metabolism. Price of Hair Analysis varies depending on Lab prices and can be included in consultation. Duration 1.5 hours $50.00 (incl GST)

Massage - Ayurvedic, Remedial, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Relaxation, Hot Stone, Foot & Hand, Sports. Duration 1 hour $50.00 (incl GST)

Ionic Footspa & Reflexology - Duration 1 hour $50.00 (incl GST)

Psychology & Counselling - Duration 1 hour $50.00 (incl GST)

Natural Medicine Leura also invites the public to attend presentations on:
    Cancer & Taking Responsibility for Your Own Health
    Intuition & Good Health from Your Local Shops & Markets
    Introduction to Globalisation & How it Affects Your Health, wealth & Spirituality
    An Introduction to Natural Health
    Ageing Naturally & Healthily in Body, Mind & Spirit
    Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: The Role of the Body & Mind in Mental Health
    Spirituality & Its Role in Good Health
Workshops are from 10am - 4pm and includes morning and afternoon tea and vegetarian lunch.
Cost $50.00 (incl GST) Phone Julie to book on 4782 6955

Learning to take responsibility for Your Health is what we aim to achieve by incorporating diet and lifestyle changes through natural means to correct imbalances, prevent illness and to achieve good health and longevity.

Accommodation is also available at $165 per night (double) includes breakfast staying at Nevaeh House.

Special Packages available with weekend workshops.

About The Owner

Julie is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and has a Diploma of Remedial Massage.

Over the last 10 years Julie has studied a variety of courses including, Iridology, Sclerology, Hair Analysis, Reflexology and Aromatherapy to regain her health. She is continuing her studies towards an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Julie’s background is small business, in which she and her husband ran a successful business for nearly 20 years before following her passion to study, research and work in the health field.

Her emphasis with clients is on diet and lifestyle through science and nutrition. Many underestimate the importance of nutrition and routine in strengthening the immune system and maintaining health.

She has written three books: A simple guide to: Intuitive Health, A simple guide to: Cancer and A simple guide to: The New World Order (Globalisation).

Qualification details

Ayurvedic Consultant
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Studied in Iriodology, Sclerology and Hair Analysis

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