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Jenny Henkel Remedial Massage & Colon Hydrotherapy

Jenny Henkel

27 Lomond St
Stockton NSW 2295

Servicing area: Newcastle and Surrounding Areas

Jenny Henkel Remedial Massage & Colon Hydrotherapy
Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Jenny offers a holistic approach to healing.Offering treatment for the body mind and spirit

Jenny Henkel Remedial Massage and Colon Hyrotherpy

Jenny Henkel has been a remedial massage therapist for 20 years and provides an extensive rang of Modalities in her practice.

Modalities include:

Remedial massage, Relaxation , Intuitive massage, Triggerpoint , myofascial release, Muscle energy technique, positional release,reflexology, Reiki Healing, Emotional work, Neuro Linguistic programming ( nlp) , Kinergetics, Chakra Balancing, Ear Candling, Cupping , Guasha, and much more.

A healthy colon is the key to living a healthy life!

The average person doesn't have a healthy colon. Do you experience any of these health problems?

Constipation , frequent severe headaches, backaches, fatigue, foul body odour or breathe, asthma, irritability, Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS), frequent mental confusion, chronic skin problems, difficult weight loss, insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, hemorrhoids, hypoglycemic, hypertension, arthritis, abdominal gas and bloating, prostate trouble, menstrual problems, lower back pain, sciatic pain, low resistance to colds and infections, low energy and vitality…these are all indicators, that you may need to cleanse your body’s elimination system.

If you have any of the above health problems, you may benefit from a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions. An unclean, weak and poorly functioning colon is a breeding ground for disease, sickness and in severe cases death. An unhealthy colon can adversely affect your total health. Including all your body systems and lead to these conditions or symptoms. Millions of people – who suffer all manner of health problems – may never consider that the source of the problems is a toxic, sluggish colon. The traditional treatment of health disorders, disease symptoms and disease management…using pharmaceuticals and surgery may have completely obscured the root cause of the recurring health problems. While not a cure for any disease or ailment, it may be considered an important adjunctive therapy to help you rejuvenate and maintain your overall health.

The Benefits from Having Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Cleansing
  • Eliminating Toxic material by breaking down fecal build up.
  • Once this impacted material is removed your colon can again begin its normal elimination function.
  • The build up of toxic debris weakens the colon and impairs its function. Gentle Filling and emptying of the colon can
  • improve peristaltic (natural muscular contraction) activity, which aids efficient removal of waste material.

Over time , the natural shape of a problematic colon will become distorted…. Causing even more problems. The gentle water action and massage techniques of the therapist will help eliminate protruding pockets of waste and narrow, spastic constrictions. After a series of colon hydrotherapies, the colon gradually begins to resume its natural shape .

Session $105
Buy 3 sessions for $300
Open for Colonics by appointment
Retreat (3-5-10) day stay price on application

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