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Shanti Namaste

New Earth Women's Wellbeing Sanctuary

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Due to popular demand, Awakenings astrology consultations are fully booked until Feb 2021. Call Shanti to make a booking.

Astrology Consultations via Zoom or Skype

Servicing area

Bayside and surrounding areas

Focus areas

Relaxation Motivation Purpose Joy Life purpose Spiritual coaching

Astrology Consultations

How can Astrology help you?
  1. Gain greater understanding of your important relationships, partners, children, siblings, lovers, business.
  2. Increase your Self awareness so you can function more productively using your natural talents.
  3. Discover your karmic path - what is your life purpose?

Please identify your chart preferences

You may choose to emphasize your consultation on the following:

  1. Personal Birth Chart: In depth analysis and interpretation of every sector of your life. 
  2. Relationships: Combine you chart with your partner, children, siblings, lover, business.
  3. Auspicious dates: Planning special occasions eg. Weddings, Business ventures, etc.
  4. Personal Guidance: Discover your strengths, personal challenges, your karmic path as well as past life influences.

Details required

Date and time of birth
City and Country of birth

You will receive an in-depth consultation, personal astrology chart and a written report of your personal 6 month forecast.

Individual chart and consultation

2 hours $200.00

I do look forward to assisting you in gaining deeper insight into your core personality traits and clarifying your life purpose, as well as coaching you to manifest your greatest skills and talents in your daily life!

Please contact Shanti, 0418 246 878 to book your astrology consultation now!


1.  Amanda 2019, 1 year Yoga and astrology consultation and ongoing.


2.  Kate 2019, 3 years Yoga, meditation, reiki and astrology consultation and ongoing.


3.  Janet 2019 Astrology Consultations 2 years.

Amanda Whittenbury - Beginners yoga student for 1 year. Astrology consultations 1 year and ongoing.


What prompted you to start yoga and astrology with Shanti?

I first heard about Shanti through word of mouth and she came highly recommended by a friend. My best friend and I were looking to start a yoga class but not at a gym, somewhere that felt calm and peaceful where we could escape from the daily grind.

Describe New Earth Women's Wellbeing Sanctuary.

I walked into Shanti's studio and instantly felt an overwhelming sense of calm with its homely and beautiful surroundings that give a sense of relaxation and comfort.

Describe the benefits you received of yoga with Shanti.

I completed the 6 week beginners course with Shanti, not knowing a lot about yoga and having some issues after having a child I was quite anxious about what I could and couldn't do, Shanti made me feel completely at ease as everyone just goes at their own pace within their own limitations. By the end of each yoga class I felt like I had just come home from a holiday, completely relaxed with a clear mind and content.

Describe your experience of Shanti as a teacher.

Shanti is a wonderful teacher who has such passion and a true gift to share, I feel blessed to have come across her as you never leave her feeling any less than wonderful.

Describe your experience of your astrology sessions with Shanti.

After my yoga course had completed I booked in for an Astrology reading as it's always something that's interested me, I was completely blown away by how accurate the details were and it gave me a real push to do something I had always wanted to do for myself but never had the courage and for this I am so grateful to Shanti. She not only provides you with your reading for the next 6 months of your life, she educates you on how it all works and connects, as well as shows such passion in all she shares. It is truly a beautiful and in my case, a life changing experience and I have been going back for readings for over a year now.

I would highly recommended Shanti to absolutely anyone.

Kate Smith - Yoga and meditation student ,Astrology consultations and Reiki healings for 3 years and ongoing.


What prompted you to start yoga, meditation, astrology and reiki with Shanti?

I am a busy Mum and a business owner, and I made a promise to give myself some ME-TIME. Thankfully, I chose Shanti's Yoga classes after a flyer was dropped in my mailbox, to start the ball rolling. That was over 3 years ago now. Since then, I have also attended Shanti's Meditation classes, I have had Astrology readings, and also Reiki healings from her. Even my husband and son have seen her for Astrology readings!

Describe New Earth Women's Wellbeing Sanctuary.

The classes are held in an open studio that has such beautiful energy, filled with amazing spiritual artworks, a stunning collection of crystals and also beautiful feminine sculptures that were made by her students who took part in a Wise Women's Circle that Shanti facilitates.

You are greeted with Shanti's warm smile every time you enter, and not to mention lovely herbal teas, and divine little pieces of raw chocolate.

What do you like about Shanti's teaching skills?

Shanti conducts these classes in a way that everyone feels welcome, everyone can be themselves. And yes, we also have a good laugh too. Shanti is warm, fun, knowledgeable, caring, and she has so much time for you. The classes are also relaxed, laid back, but informative, you may ask questions, tell stories, share experiences, or if your like me, you feel comfortable to just be a quiet achiever.

Describe your experience of the Astrology and Reiki sessions.
The individual sessions of Astrology and Reiki are phenomenal. Expect hours of dedicated time and energy put in to you! Shanti is passionate about her work, and goes above and beyond in every way she can for these one on one times with you. I call them healings, as in both her Astrology and Reiki sessions, there are massive shifts, and life changing information, useful advice and you just feel like a new person afterwards. Time flies, while you are there, and when you leave, you will leave going Wow, Wow, Wow!

Janet - Astrology Consultations 2 years


I have had the pleasure of seeing Shanti for astrology consultations (and eating her delicious chocolate), for the past 2 years. Basically, I had an horrific accident a few years ago and it turned my world up side down. I do believe bad/good things happen for a reason and I wanted to know what was going on.

Shanti helped me work my way through my personal blocks and after 2 years I feel I am back on track! I am enjoying my job, I am looking after and giving myself time which is something I haven't done in the past.

So I am on my own road now but I know I can contact Shanti at any time if needed and I am grateful for that.

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