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Clarify your future, overcome your limitations, achieve your goals, create lasting results and appreciate each day moving forward. You might also like to boost performance, sales or productivity, improve communication for better conflict resolution, manage your time more effectively and align your values. The long-term results are potentially life changing.  

New Life Solutions for Hypnotherapy & NLP, Life & Business Coaching

Servicing area

Yeppoon and Rockhampton areas and online worldwide.

Focus areas

Self awareness Neuroscience Habits Boundaries Relaxation Self-esteem

About Us


GayeLouise OBrien is passionate about life, and about assisting others. Warm and encouraging, she delivers her knowledge in insightful ways that resonate with her clients and can be applied immediately. She is committed to help you thrive by working with you to clear your emotional blocks.

As a breakthrough specialist, she will work with you across all areas of your life; in relationships, career, business, stress, depression, and anxiety, to explore your true magnificence and find reclaim your flow.

Following a successful 25 year career as a teacher and secondary school head of special education, GayeLouise has helped thousands manifest meaningful and more enlightened lives.

As a trainer and speaker, she shares her insights in an inspirational, educational and entertaining way. With a clear vision of a better future, she will show you the significant role you play in a more peaceful and authentic world. As a coach, she will help you boost performance, sales and productivity, as well as improved communication for better conflict resolution. Gaye will also work with you to manage your time, achieve your goals and align your values. The long-term results are life changing.

So, the question is, would you like to clarify your future, overcome your limitations, achieve your goals, create lasting results and appreciate each day moving forward? Yes? I thought so. Well, that's why you're here isn't it?

What next? Give Gaye a call and have a chat, or click one of the blue buttons above and below to send her a message.

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5 Services


1hr 30min
Life Coaching Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Hypnotherapy Time Line Therapy®
$180 Per session

Hypnotherapy is a healing technique using hypnosis. It works to overcome destructive and undesirable behaviours and patterns to create lasting change.

Transformative Coaching

1hr 30min
Life Coaching Wellness Coaching Life Coaching Online Wellness Coaching Online Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Time Line Therapy®
$180 Per session

Coaching provides a simple and effective structure of support that will assist you to move positively forward in a significant area of your life: relationships, business, career, health, wealth, sport or spirituality.

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