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Overcome destructive patterns and undesirable behaviours and create lasting change

Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy

Specific applications of hypnotherapy include:


    • Goal setting


    • Depression


    • Relations issues


    • Personal boundaries


    • Personal development


    • Bad habits - smoking cessation


    • Weight loss


    • Performance enhancement


    • General well being


    • Childbirth


    • Anxiety


    • Stress management


    • Pain management


    • Confidence boost


    • Phobias


    • Insomnia


    • Exam performance & study recall


    • Public speaking


How hypnotherapy works


During the hypnotherapy process, the conscious, analytical mind gets to have a rest and physical, emotional and mental relaxation is encouraged. The session occurs in an induced, calm state and specific, detailed, realistic suggestions are given to you to imagine, remember, create, and respond positively.

The unconscious mind is reprogrammed through positive suggestions and heightened awareness. Unhealthy habits are broken instead of being replaced with desired, fresh images.

Time Line therapy is a process of creative imaginative to allow the release of negative emotions, phobias and limiting beliefs as well as set goals for the future and works well with hypnotherapy.

Book a therapy session that can be done by phone or in person. Includes follow up support.
2.25 Hours Hypnotherapy Session only $500

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Qualification details

Bachelor of Education
Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy & Hypnotherapy, Life Coach
Neuroscience Coach
John Demartini Method Facilitator
Passion Test Facilitator
Flow Consultant

Service categories

This practitioner provides online consults
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