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Providing a set of guiding principles for behavior and offers an approach to personal development, psychology and communication

NLP Training

What are the benefits of NLP training & coaching?


    • Think more clearly


    • Discover effective negotiating and sales techniques


    • Learn how to conduct an effective meeting


    • Set great goals for a more successful future


    • Adopt a physiology of excellence 


    • Align personal values with those of business, career or corporate


    • Use verbal and body language more effectively with self, family, friends and in business


    • Enhance relationships and health with techniques such as anchoring, parts integration, developing NLP assumptions and reframes


    • Develop rapport skills with matching and mirroring


    • Understand how the mind works and learn how to use it well


    • Manage your thoughts, moods and behaviors more effectively


    • Acquire skills and attitudes to do what you would like to do in the future and are unable to do just yet


    • Learn to be skilful at selling products and ideas


    • Become an empowering leader in your community


    • Be more skilled at your chosen sport or career


    • Become a very skilled life or business coach


    • Help children develop their self-esteem


NLP training includes Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy, available for business, education and individuals. The mind and body are interconnected so what is thought affects health and actions. Learn cutting-edge technologies that give a model for interpreting the world and understanding how the mind works. 

How can you work with me?


Training -

    • Introduction to NLP training, neuroscience, timeline therapy and hypnotherapy
        • Investment in your future today only $497!


Coaching -

    • 6 x 45 minutes coaching sessions,book “NLP Essentials for Teachers”, NLP handouts and module, activities & Talent Profile and report.
        • Investment in NLP coaching only $964 includes


Qualification details

Bachelor of Education
Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy & Hypnotherapy
John Demartini Method Facilitator
Passion Test Facilitator
Flow Consultant

Service categories

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