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Nicole Fowler

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I work with multidimensional self-healing modalities that are specifically aimed at self-mastery.

About Heartfelt Change

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Welcome to Heartfelt Changes

I facilitate individual’s self-heling through the channelling of my intuitive gifts and talents by tapping to frequency and energy.

I am an accredited Transference Healing Practitioner and Kinesiologist.

Allow me to support you to break through your limitations, manifest who you want to become and fully embody the changes and shifts into your own new reality.

My calling is to support you on your own journey of rediscovering your divine self here on earth.

About Nicole

It is lovely to meet you, my name is Nicole.

I am a mother to two beautiful children and a grateful wife of a husband who continues to support my free-thinking ambitions even when he does not fully understand them.

The healing modalities I have studied impact and empower every aspect of my life and the lives of those around me.

My studies around self-healing have clearly shown me that we are capable of so much more than we realise. The more I learn about frequency, energy, our etheric, electromagnetic and light body the more that I become aware of the potential that we have to heal ourselves.

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