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Nikola Wilkie Naturopath

Nikola Wilkie Naturopath

3B/151 Martyn St
Cairns QLD 4870

Servicing area: Cairns, Queensland

Nikola Wilkie Naturopath


Body Work


If your body is not relaxed and aligned your mobility is restricted, you can’t think clearly and are very open to injuries and illnesses. I have great empathy to structural pain and I feel in particular, back pain would have to be one of the most debilitating conditions there is. Shoulders, neck and knees can bring you undone too. Consequently, I have developed my business around giving relief to people with such conditions. The techniques I use relax the muscles, encourages blood and lymph flow, brings relief to emotional tensions and balances physical and energetic states. Everyone feels better after a treatment.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is based on a gentle pressure and release technique of the soft connective tissue (fascia) of the body.

Emmett Technique

Emmett Technique creates relaxation with the releasing of muscle tension through a series gentle finger point holds. The touch stimulates a release of the tension allowing further releases in associated muscles and organs.

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is an energy-based therapeutic approach to healing and caring. It is a philosophy and a sacred healing art, which can easily be integrated with other forms of healthcare to facilitate healing and quality of life. The results vary from a sense of well-being to relief from extreme pain.

Who can be treated?

Anyone, including pregnant women, newborn babies and the elderly. A treatment supports the body promoting healing, pain relief, recovery of energy and wellbeing.

For more information about Getting You Back On Track or to organise an appointment please get in touch:

Mobile 0437 937 930

I work alone and pay attention to the one in my clinic first. Call or text and I’ll return it as soon as I can. Emails I will look at toward the end of the day.

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